Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cheyenne Love Medley

Sometimes when you finish watching an entertainment, you're done with it immediately... even if you liked it. Other times it sticks in your head ....even if you didn't like it. Happy Time: You liked it and it sticks in your head. Since I'm still thinking about that Xanadu performance @ the TONYs (previous post). I figured I'd just go with it and talk Cheyenne again. But P.S. on the film-to-stage magic trick of Xanadu: I wonder what recent bad movies everyone makes fun of now will, years from now, find new life in adorable comedic send-ups in other medium? Care to take a guess?

I wish I had more movie related ways in which to shamelessly plug Cheyenne Jackson's career. How about a photo of him singing with Meryl Streep? Ta-daaa!

Anyway, here's three videos featuring his cheerful exuberance and great voice.

Video 1 (Cheyenne meets a young fan. If you've never been to Broadway, you should know that it's typical for fans to wait outside after a show. When the cast members exit they will generally stop and talk to people briefly, sign autographs and pose for photos. Even A list movie stars will do this if they're working the boards. Hugh Jackman, for instance, was super friendly and unrushed with the crowds post-Boy From Oz performances a few years back). Video 2 is the aforementioned TONY performance from Xanadu. The great ELO number "Don't Walk Away"

Video 3 This is from a night at one of my favorite venues in NYC Joe's Pub (thx). Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye For the Straight Guy) and Cheyenne do Moulin Rouge!'s "Elephant Love Medley". Jai plays Nicole and Cheyenne is Ewan.

And speaking of Moulin Rouge!...

I hope to have that new article on it up on Monday or Tuesday. I'm having trouble finding my DVD which is alarming me. Will I have to buy another?

Come What May I will own it until my dying day. Update: FOUND IT!


adam k. said...

Don't you keep your DVDs all organized on a shelf somewhere? Come on, Nathaniel. You are too OCD to lose DVDs.

Truth be told, I'm not actually over the moon about Cheyenne Jackson or his voice. Sure he's cute and tall and manly, but I'm gonna have to agree with the commenter who scoffed at your assertion that he doesn't look gay. He's manly-gay, sure, but still very gay. And voice and demeanor are a little too boy-band-ish for my taste.

Loved him in United 93, though.

Janice said...

Consider me "sold" Nat! Who'd a thunk that the original overproduced "Don't Walk Away" could become a singer's showcase - and what a voice! And likewise, who'd a thunk that movie (I was an ONJ fan but that movie was almost painful, in an endearing way, to sit through) could produce a stage spectacle so giddy, silly, absurd and yet - oddly touching? I wish I had the opportunity to see it.

The problem with Cheyanne going to film however (as much as he may deserve it) is that something will be lost - that wonderful singing voice! And, is he too "out" in a Hollywood obsessed with capturing the wallets of adolescent boys who are presumed to be straight?

Thanks also for that second clip as it included Lily's "Marisa Tomei tribute" and Marisa's reaction (I just love both women); I loved also that Lily acknowledged how wacky it was that a bad film had been turned into an award-nominated musical.

Janice said...

We were responding at the same time, Adam. I found myself watching the videos (loved the ELM parody too) and found myself suddenly wishing I was a gay man for about five minutes.

I hope you find your DVD Nat. I'd loan you my extra VHS copy if I could get it too you on time but - you don't really need to watch it again, do you? You've seen it a thousand times and already have it all memorized and written in your head, right? You just need to put fingers to keyboard...

I hope you are feeling better by the way. I'll be in Massachusetts for the weekend and am psyched that the next installment is coming. (no pressure, no pressure)

Michael Parsons said...

Ok..he is pretty. But how can you loose your Moulin Rouge! DVD?

Is it not on the Moulin Rouge! alter hidden by the feather boa's glitter and replica Elephant?


everyone --- losing the dvd i cannot explain.
adam --- not loving cheyenne? i cannot explain! that's why this is so weird. boa, elephant, absinthe and entire cast sculpted from marzipan sit just as they were. NO DVD. !!!!

oh and p.s. adam I never claimed Cheyenne did not "look gay" but I don't even know what that totally means or why people still care about those descriptives --especially gay people. i keep hoping we're past the days of "straight acting" being a compliment. How about everyone just acts like themselves and quits worrying abouthow people might categorize them. Cheyenne Jackson is a leading man. That's my entire point with complaining that Hollywood hasn't really snatched him up. Gay, straight, bi, asexual whatever. He's a leading man. some people are and some people aren't and he is. The world will eventually catch up.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of losing a dvd you love. After you did "The Piano" review I went all "let's watch it again". All I found was the empty box. I was desperate!!!! How the hell did I lose it??? Luckly I found it - inside the Minority Report box. How the hell it ended up being on the Minority Report Box I have no clue.

adam k. said...

OK OK my original comment was harsh. I dunno. I am just one of those gays who is not as attracted to those who "look gay" (a problem for my love life, I know, cause all the easily pegged ones can be discounted right away). I know, I know, I'm a traitor. And while Cheyenne only looks a little bit gay, it is a factor in my attraction, or lack thereof. Maybe it's also that I'm as tall as he is, so that's not all that impressive to me.

I like him fine. I love that he's a hunky out gay actor who is successful. But I just don't LOVE. HIM. I warmed up to him a little more watching the clip with the kid, and the love medley clip again. But it's hard to truly love him singing that song, cause it invites - indeed, necessitates - comparisons to Ewan in MR! and just about anyone would lose that fight. I prefer Ewan's rendition by a healthy margin.

Cheyenne just has one of those teen-poppy boy band voices, and that's not my thing. It's very commercially friendly, but I prefer smoother, gentler, more soulful. I do love the tortured souls.

But still, he's adorable, and I'm sure I'd warm up to him more seeing him live onstage, and if I met him and he liked me, I'd totally do him. I'm just saying, he's not my favorite actor/singer. He's not Ewan, Gael, Jake, Rufus, etc.

(sorry) : (

Glenn Dunks said...

I gotta say, sometimes reading through the Towleroad comments can be incredibly frustrating. There are those who don't like "straight acting" guys because they think they're just acting straight when they're really not, but then there are guys who don't like guys who are "gay acting" because they're just acting gay when they're really not.

I am by no means the straightest "acting" guy in the world, but I'm not acting how gay I am. Why would anyone do that outside of actual acting.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm madly in love with cheyenne!

Movies I expect to see remade into surprising fabulousness in the future, let's see...

Water World: The Rock Musical (played in a giant pool)

Legends of the Fall: A new Broadway play (in 3 installments a la Seafarer)

300: A Ballet

The Passion of Christ: A modern dance Piece(Performed at an S&M restaurant)

Indiana Jones: The musical staring Harrison Ford

I could go on, but it hurts.

adam k. said...

Chris, a lot of those actually sound quite plausible. Wow.