Monday, June 23, 2008

Linkwood Forest

Coming Soon casting rumors abound for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
Fin de Cinema
is it a lie when they say there aren't any good roles for women?
Modern Tonic has a cruise contest (win a cabin for two) from Barcelona to London for Mamma Mia!
Arbogast on Fu Manchu
NY Post Jane Fonda on her love life
Deadline Hollywood Nailed, David O. Russell's first feature since I Y Huckabees, is shut down... AGAIN. If you need me I'll be over here crying. Love his movies I do.
StinkyLulu profiles a performance I dearly love: Olivia DeHavilland in Gone With the Wind
Bright Lights After Dark on M Night Shyamalan @ 'the troph of ego'
Hollywood Elsewhere revives an old argument about Eyes Wide Shut. I very much agree.

Question: Entries to the Batman (1966) Blu Ray giveaway (entries due tomorrow) have been uncharacteristically sparse. No blu-ray player? If so I sympathize. Can't give up my DVDs just yet.

One Last First Thing: Not that I care. I had a miserable time participating last year but be very afraid: Bizarro Days (blog-a-thon) are upon us again.



Catherine said...

"...Gillis, 76, who looks like the twin brother of her late father Henry Fonda...".

Jeez, it's like they're punishing for her for having a libido in her 70s. Not only is that headline mega distasteful ("STILL HORNY AT 70") but they make it sound like she's a incestuous pervert with a daddy complex. Not on.

Rob said...

The hatred for "Eyes Wide Shut" still makes me sad. Re-watched it again yesterday, don't understand how someone can't be impressed by it.

Adam said...

I'm with Rob. I think "Eyes Wide Shut" is another Kubrick masterpiece. To me it's always had sort of an indistinguishable vibe, like that of David Lynch film, where it exists between elements of fantasy, reality and nightmare, sometimes all at once. I also say the deliberate qualities are spot on... To each his own I guess, I've just found constant surprises with repeat viewings.

MichaelMcl said...

I think I saw EYES WIDE SHUT at the cinema 4 times when it was released. Our version wasn't altered for censorship in Australia. It really is a remarkable, chilling, cinematic experience. I've not seen it in the years since, but I remember almost every moment of the film. It was the only Kubrick film I got to see on first release at the cinema, and I think I was lucky - great as SHINING and FULL METAL JACKET are, EYES WIDE SHUT felt like it was about something more.

- The Opinionated Australian