Sunday, June 29, 2008

"pink silk bunting draped over anything that would stand still"

I'm cheating for this last episode of 'June Weddings'. This wedding was all about Easter but I couldn't not include it... could I?
____Shelby Eatenton and Jackson Latcherie were married Easter weekend, 1989 at the Chinquapin Parrish Presbyterian Church.
____The bride is the daughter of M'Lynn and Drummond Eatenton of Dogwood Lane. The bridegroom is the son of Robert and Harlene Latcherie of Frenchman's Point, LA.
____The bride was escorted by her father down a pink carpet. She wore a white silk princess cut gown trimmed with pink rosettes. She carried of bouquet of pink roses. The best man was Ross Herbert. Eight cousins to the bride and Margorie St. Moray served as bridesmaids.
____Following the wedding, a reception was held at the Eatentons. The house was decorated with every pink flower west of the Mississippi and a blood red velvet cake was served.
____The bride is currently employed as a pediatric nurse. The bridegroom is a lawyer. The couple plan to continue living in Louisiana and grow old together.
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Runs Like A Gay said...

I'm crying just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Okay. So I *know* Julia Roberts is in this movie, but sometimes I have a hard time noticing her amidst the glorious company of Sally Field, Olympia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine and, of course, my girl Dolly Parton.

Anonymous said...

"you are a pig from hell" for dissing one of julia's finer moments v sweet in the film but not a patch on an on form field who is v underated as an actress or maclaine who should've been the other supp actress nominee for the film - dolly blah!!! plays herslf.

Cinesnatch said...

thef flowers weren't pink ... they were BLUSH and BASHFUL! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm crying just thinking about olympia's southern accent -
ah-wee-zha! urgh. shirley maclaine was pretty horrible as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now, Mr. Ripley, I'm not dissing Julia; she's better than satisfactory in the movie. I'm just confessing that she's not my favorite of the actresses involved.


I actually think Julia Roberts is pretty bad in this movie.

but it's one of those arguably bad movies I love.

ANYWAY... 1989 was a weird weird year

Anonymous said...

i like 89 i think supp actor and actress had many strong candidates,it would be nice to know your 89 actress supp actress noms nat or a rough estimation!!!


isabelle aadjani
michelle pfeiffer
andie macdowell
jessica tandy
sally field

shirley mclaine
lena olin
dianne wiest
julia roberts
brenda fricker

Anonymous said...

was that the year of "Parenthood" w Diane Weist? She sure was good in the that movie. So was Jason Robards. That was the early Keanu Reeves. I have a Jaquin Phoenix the son of Diane Weist??? He is not listed that way in the credits. He is the 12-ish year old boy. That scene when he calls his dad to come live with, was that heartbreaking.


89 actress
pfeiffer -baker boys
macdowell -sex, lies...
turner -war of the roses

after that. not sure. haven't seen anything in so long.

supp actress
don't know!