Thursday, June 26, 2008

Holy Contest Winners, Batman

<-- Why is Batman so nervous about the family jewels? Maybe because he's leaving the Bat Cave and shipping off to live with three strangers. Chin up caped crusader, these blu-ray Batman: The Movie (1966) contest winners are simpatico to your needs. They even have utility belts at home.

The winners are...
Matthew in Alberta. He keeps a copy of In the Mood for Love (2001) in his utility belt. You never know when you might need a dreamy Wong Kar Wai fix, do you?
Owen in Toronto. He has 'Bat-Joel-Schumacher Repellent' in his belt. Too bad Mr. Bruce Wayne himself didn't think of that.
Josh in Kansas City, our final winner, says "I'd always have Gold Bond powder in my utility belt ... it's bound to chafe something fierce under that suit."

You guys think of everything. Batman and his boy wonder are in good hands. Enjoy your new blu-rays!

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