Sunday, June 22, 2008

Women on the Verge of a Hyperbolic Breakdown

At the annual "Women in Film Awards" which took place a week ago today, they give awards to movies that nobody has seen yet. Australia's cinematographer Mandy Walker was honored with the "Kodak Vision Award". The Women (2008 remake) was honored. It's like that stupid MTV 'best summer movie' prize. Why not just call it "best hype!". Other honorees: Sherry Lansing, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Sydney Pollack, and Salma Hayek. Finally, Ginnifer Goodwin (yay!) won "Face of the Future" accompanied by Chris Klein who looks a little drunk in this photo (I'm just sayin').

Speaking of drunk I'm not saying Jada Pinkett Smith is drunk at this event's press rounds featuring The Women (2008 remake) but if she's not tossing a few back she's definitely tossing a few out... adjectives and blurb whore quotes that is. Debra Messing is "insanely funny", The Bening is "outrageous" the entire cast is "very specific".

Hmmm... that last one probably won't go on posters, Jada. But to be fair, Debra Messing has more trouble going the earnest route for her sound byte.


Michael B. said...

My dad goes to this event every year, (and it was actually last Tuesday) and he says he loves it and this year was no exception. He didn't say anything else. I got Ugly Betty Season 1 in the gift bags tho, lol. I was happy about that. And speaking of 'The Women.' I was anticipating it until I saw the trailer, but good thing about that is that it can only go up from there.

Anonymous said...

Ginnifer Goodwin with Chris Klein? Can you say yuck! Um, didn't he make an incredibly sexist, bone-headed remark about never dating "less than a 10" or something ridiculous like that? Why does Ginnifer waste her time on this pig? [Sigh]