Friday, June 20, 2008

Batman, Very Blu

Just this morning I was giggling over a rather blue Batman post @ ModFab and here I am the same evening staring at Batman, very blu(ray). ouch -not punny

The Dark Knight is still a month away from a movie theater near you but there is so much Bat-material in the world that no one should ever have to die from pointy-cowled crusader withdrawal. I have 3 Blu-Ray special editions of Batman: The Movie (1966) to give away. If you've ever wanted to while away 105 minutes listening to Adam West and Burt Ward talk about their days as televisions secretive billionaire and his boy wonder there's a commentary track just for you. Plus, a score-only option so you can watch the movie with only the music of 5 time Oscar nominee Nelson Riddle playing. (To tell you the truth I wish all DVDs came with that option... very interesting to hear what scores do to a movie.)

To enter the contest (winners will be drawn randomly) send me an e-mailby Tuesday June 24th with the following:
  1. "BATMAN" in the subject line
  2. your full name and mailing address (it will be kept private)
  3. the name of an item you'd always keep in your utility belt
I haven't seen this movie since the 70s when it was on TV and I was Batman obsessed. My only memory of it is that I loved that all 4 villains were featured (Penguin, Joker, Riddler, and Catwoman) but I was pissed that my Catwoman was ...different.
Lee Meriwether played Catwoman in Batman: The Movie.
Though Meriwether did appear in the corresponding TV series,
it was not as Catwoman. Strange TV trivia for ya.

I imagine my child self stomping around the living room in a pop-culture rage "Nobody but Julie Newmar should ever play Catwoman!!!" (Yes, I had issues when I saw Eartha Kitt too. I wasn't sophisticated enough for rotating actresses) But I spoke too soon. How could I have known that the love of my life was 1,973 miles away bagging groceries @ Vons. When she played Catwoman decades later I wouldn't be complaining. And I wouldn't be thinking of Julie Newmar.

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