Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Young Linkywood

Don't trust anyone over 30!

Topless Robot thinks Channing Tatum looks nothing like G.I. Joe
<--- WIMB Yummy Amanda Seyfried in Vogue
Bad and the Ugly
Milo and Hayden on the set of Heroes 3rd season. I hate to be a jerk but the producers know that just giving them new hairdos won't make that show any better, right? Right?
Miami Herald Anne Hathaway is learning to play the banjo (?!)
Towleroad Josh Hartnett is now hawking cologne. Will Scarjo make Ryan wear it?
ModFab celebrates Jay Brannan (Shortbus)'s CD

NewNowNext Provincetown Film Festival swoons over Gael Garcia Bernal
---> Pop Seoul Seems that Rain (Speed Racer ...and currently filming Ninja Assassin) has to make nice with his hometown fans after deserting them for Hollywood.
Gossip Girls Kirsten Dunst hits the Coldplay concert in NYC. She's also been speaking out about her depression battles. Get well soon. (y'all know I love her and I need more crazy/beautifuls, Marie-Antoinettes and Virgin Suicies)
Guardian examines the public hostility often directed at Keira Knightley. Interesting piece.


Joe Reid said...

I love that the Knightley article is accompanied by a comment section full of the very same kind of wildly overreactive hatred that it's lamenting. Oh, the internet.


The internet. You can't take it anywhere. It just never behaves.

Anonymous said...

The stock arguments used against her there (in the comments) are laughable and pathetic.

She's "hoarding roles"? Tell that to Emily "Queen Victoria" Blunt, or all the American actresses who've recently got all those plum classic English roles (ScarJo, Natalie, Anne Hathaway, Ellen Page etc etc).

Her "contacts" got her to where she is? Have these people actually taken a look at the resumes of her parents? They are not very influental people. If anything, Keira is getting her mother work these days...

No doubt some people honestly think she is a bad actor, but I'd say there is something else at work here too. An extreme form of "tall poppy syndrome"?

adam k. said...

I assume most of the Keira hatred is based in jealousy. It's the simplest explanation. Pretty young girl makes a couple movies, gets some big breaks, ends up a huge star with an oscar nom in early 20s. And now it turns out she has a lovely singing voice, too (saw Edge of Love - she's quite good in it, and could emerge with end of year noms if the film catches fire, though hard to say if it will).

I admit Keira does sometimes seem overly dismissive of her fame and maybe doesn't seem to appreciate it the way she should? But I like her well enough. She is a good actor, maybe doesn't have the greatest range, but she can do great things with the right (classically British) roles.

Glenn said...

Yeah, she's hoarding roles. She's, ya know, having a career.

It's as if people don't know that she's an ACTRESS and thus HAS TO WORK. Her work is acting. Thus, she acts. I'm sure if one of those commenters works in a shoe shop we could say they're hogging all the shoe shop jobs.

She works no more than any other actor out there, really. It just so happens that all of her movies are notable and seem to do alright at the box office bar one or two mishaps.

Anonymous said...

i think she is not dismissive she is down to earth a la emma t or kate w,just doesn't act the BIG star like catherine zeta jones or minnie driver those 2 seem to feel entitlement cos of there oscar noms but not keira,i remebr her reaction to jack nicholson after her clip was shown at the oscars the one under the gazebo it was a look of icant believe i'm here

go keira and sorry cate b took YOUR oscar nom and not angelinas!!!

Anonymous said...

Her pouting, her whininess, her limited range, her coldness as an actor, the ridiculous hype around her.. there are a million reaons to dislike her and none involve jealousy, thanks.