Monday, June 30, 2008

'Hump The Hostess'

from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee

George: How about 'Hump the Hostess', huh? How about that? How about Hump the Hostess? Do you wanna play that one? You wanna play Hump the Hostess, huh?
Nick: Calm down!
George: Or do you wanna wait till later to get her off into the bushes?
Honey: [completely sauced] HUMP THE HOSTESS!
Nick: Just shut up, will you?

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Robert said...


Anonymous said...

was la liz really that good in this? from the litte i've seen, it all looks very overwrought. I think she was about 34-35 when she did it. i was nver ever into the sandy dennis schtick. i read somewhere that original choices were bette davis & henry fabu would that have been????


Yes, La Liz is really that good in this.

One might say: AWESOME.

whitney said...

Every bit of dialogue in that film is phenomenal. Plus, Elizabeth Taylor is actually totally hawt in that movie. In a weird, mom-who-drinks-waaaaaay-too-much way.


Runs Like A Gay said...

I've got it! I'll tell you what game we'll play. We've done with Humiliate the Host... this round, anyway... we're done with that... and we don't want to play Hump the Hostess, yet... not yet... so I know what we'll play... We'll play a round of Get the Guests. How about thaT?


get the guests is an awesome game. I recommend it too!