Friday, June 13, 2008

Now Playing: Hulk Smash Puny Wahlberg!

That's gonna hurt! You really should watch your surroundings
if you choose to walk around half-naked in your downtown area.

I couldn't resist. Not to rub salt in the upcoming The Happening wounds. That wouldn't be nice. But misery loves company and I woke up totally sick today. Sore throat -- i can't even swallow -- probably from being outside for too many Shakespearean soliloquies. Sadly, I'm in no shape to hit the movie theaters even though, after that week in Florida, I'm desperate to see some movies. Argh!

The Happening ~In which Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel experience mass suicides and strange, well, happenings. From M Night Shyamalan, he of the smart personal branding, strong eye, and terrible ear.
The Incredible Hulk ~In which Marvel Studios pretends that Ang Lee isn't one of the best filmmakers in the world by pretending that his movie didn't really count. Expect lots of smashing... and probably smashing box-office too, given the Iron Man lead-in to Marvel mania.

Baghead ~I haven't watched this trailer because the poster terrifies me. If it's a horror movie I don't want to see it. I can't imagine that anyone would make a satire of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice at this point in time but that's my second thought (post-horror) when I glance at the poster.
My Winnipeg ~ I always want to love Guy Maddin's movies. His visuals are fun, personal and above all drunk on silent film, so I feel a kinship. And yet... I don't love his movies. Unless they're very short like The Heart of the World or Sissy Boy Slap Party in which case I am so there.
Encounters at the End of the World ~Werner Herzog is the man. I shall wear my Herzog t-shirt today in honor of this movie which I shan't see on account of staying in bed.

God bless laptops!


Joe Reid said...

Dude, The Happening is so bad. So, so, SO bad.

Anonymous said...

I liked Sense and Sensibility, but I've heard that The Hulk was just awful. It looked pretty awful. Jennifer Connelly is smokin', though.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Herzog, Nathaniel, have you followed the latest Herzog vs. Ferrara war of words? By far the funniest thing I've read this year (and makes Lee vs. Eastwood seem like a friendly squabble).

BeRightBack said...

I braved the trailer for Baghead! It looks good, like a mockumetary about the making of The Strangers. The tone looks like Severance, but talkier and more self-conscious and less bloody.

RahulB said...

The Happening is so hilarious for all the wrong reasons. I had so much fun with my friends mocking various things in it:

they outrun wind, there's a creepy old lady who's supposed to be an allegory for mother earth according to an imdb poster, massive hilarious suicides, and so many bad quotes it was like watching Showgirls.

Michael B. said...

The Incredible Hulk was actually...very good. It was great and I thought it was well done. It was also 1000x's better than Ang Lee and Ed Norton was good. I also like Liv Tyler. It was great entertainment, and a fun Friday night. So choose this instead of The Happening.

Brian Darr said...

Baghead was one of the best films I saw at Sundance. I'm sure part of its appeal was augmented by the fact that I didn't know whether it was going to be a horror film, a comedy, or what, before attending the screening.

Though I'm reminded that the friend I brought the Puffy Chair to when it was released a while back, felt that its depiction of a relationship under strain was so raw and real that she likened it to a horror movie. And Baghead mines that territory, and then some.