Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Under Above the Sea

His Majesty's wedding but one day past was full of surprises. Fowl and fish attacked the wedding party. A beauty of fiery hair known only as Ariel was seen embracing the Prince in the chaos.

The bride to be shocked the royal court by transforming into a grotesque sea witch. Disrupting the nuptials, she abandoned ship dragging young Ariel with her. Brave Prince Eric dived into the stormy waters to rescue the maiden and destroy the foul beast.

Today the wedding will begin anew for our triumphant Prince. The bride Ariel ~ the very rescued mystery maiden herself! ~ will wear a white ball gown with foam green trim and a gold tiara. Prince Eric will be decorated in Royal Navy attire. They will be married under a pink canopy onboard the King's vessel.

The couple will reside in the castle and plan to live happily ever after.
Centuries old public posting archived by Nathaniel R., date unknown. Artist's rendering of the mysterious bride by Jenny Lerew.

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