Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Links for 10/10/10

Since we won't have another repetitive day like this until 3010 and since I will be well into my 1000somethings when that day arrives (yes, I plan to live as long as Gandalf... though without the scraggly beard) and possibly too senile to blog, I was going to post this great picture of a certain actress in a t-shirt that read "10" that I screencapped a year ago and I cannot find it. Sadness. You get a link roundup instead.

Film School Rejects funny list of "10" themed movies.
Kino London today in film history. 10/10 means both Ed Wood and Orson Welles.
TOH I don't wanna say 'told ya so' given what I wrote a few days ago when I changed my Best Picture charts and bitched about people bitching about The Social Network's box office but a 30% drop only in the second weekend... told ya so! Add a few 10s of millions to your final box office projections.
New York Daily News the 10 guest stars to watch in this TV season. Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee among them.
Show Tracker 10 best moments of the TV year thus far.
LA Times 10 best movies of the year that you might have missed. Go Animal Kingdom!
New York Press
'Top 10 Latin American Movies of the Aughts' to screen in NYC. I've seen 6 of them (all good) but I've always meant to see La Cineaga so I should go. What do you think shoulda been on this list that's not?

 /Film Perfect 10 Tom Hardy should find a big movie quick. The way I see star ascendance trajectories, Bronson was the perfect 'look at me!' move, Inception was the ideal 'gotcha' for the mainstream moviegoers who hadn't been paying attention and the next picture is supposed to be the slam dunk 'I'm a superstar' move. It's no time to vanish from screens! But Mad Max: Fury Road has halted production until maybe 2012? Poor Tommy.
Empire David O. Russell's 10th directorial project (if you include the continually troubled Nailed and his short films) will either be Old St. Louis with Vince Vaughn or Drake's Fortune, a video game adaptation.
Cinematical Reasons why you should be excited for Saoirse Ronan as Hanna. But wait, this list only goes up to 7, not 10. Call the blog police!


Tania Martins said...

Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for mentioning my Today in Film History post at Kino. Much appreciated.
Keep up good work! :)


Julin said...

La Cienaga is amazing!!!
Tchecov meets Cassavetes in South America.

aclp said...

La Cienaga is indeed great!

Three argentinian movies should be on the list and there's no excuse for them not being on it:

Nueve Reinas (nine queens)

El Hijo de la Novia (The bride's son)

El secreto de sus ojos (the secret in their eyes)

aclp said...

Whisky is very good.

Silent light is boooooooooooring!

Anonymous said...

won't October 10, 2110 also be abbreviated as 10/10/10? That's only one hundred years from now, not a thousand.


amanda -- i did like WHISKY a lot. Have not seen SILENT LIGHT

Anonymous said...

La cienega and Silent Light are two of the best movies of the decade, Latin American or not. Exquisite stuff.

- Jason

Glenn said...

What about 11/11/11 and 12/12/12?

Andrew R. said...

Ten the movie (about the taxi driver) is really great.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jason, La Cienaga and Stellet Licht are among the best films of the decade from anywhere. Overall, that IFC Center program seems fairly uninspired. As great as Martel's films are, there is no need to include her entire filmography. Also, Pan's Labyrinth may be technically Mexican, but as it deals with Spanish history and features an entirely Spanish cast, it's a bit of a stretch to call it Latin American.

As for the overlooked films, I'd name La León by Santiago Otheguy, Tan De Repente by Diego Lerman and maybe Fernando Eimbcke's Lake Tahoe.

Burning Reels said...

Silent Light is a beautifully crafted film - and my best of 2009 no less.

Still not seen La Cienaga myself.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

I really don't get what's so special about Carlos Reygadas. He is much more avant garde than the Three Amigos but his films are so smug. "Silent Light" was good but such a Dreyer ripoff!
"Whisky" has got to be the best film in that list. I agree that "Nueve Reinas" should be there.

Kyle said...

Tom Hardy as General Zod in the new Superman...make it so!

Brian Darr said...

Los Muertos, Lion's Den, Alamar, and (if the decade includes 2010) a Useful Life come to mind. I haven't seen Whisky, but I'd jubilantly lose the way-overrated Pan's Labyrinth and City of God to make room for any of the above on such a list.