Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comment Party in Aisle 3

What we're (still) talking about in case you haven't been paying attention. Comments are like blog oxygen. They're like applause for desperate performers. Don't sit on your hands. Type! Consider this a whip cracked. You know you like that.

Andrew answers a question we asked back in the Oscar's Favorite Foreign Film Directors article: why wasn't Akira Kurosawa's Ran nominated for Best Foreign Film in 1985?

Manuel wonders why no one is remembering Olivia Williams (The Ghost Writer) and Danielle thinks I'm underestimating Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) in the Lead/Supporting Actress thread. Do you?

Dana Andrews has nightmares in The Best Years of Our Lives.
But boy is that movie a dream.

Classic Film Boy has astute thing to say about Best Picture winner The Best Years of Our Lives "When the realism of war began showing up in films like Platoon or Saving Private Ryan, it gave me new respect for what Best Years did with the Dana Andrews character..." That comment thread was so interesting and we genuinely appreciate your feedback on those convos. They go from three-way movie to cinematic orgy once you join in.

Guy is not a fan of the French Oscar submission Of Gods and Men and neither is Dave, who is reporting from the London Film Festival.

Numerous commenters took me to task for a mistake in the David Fincher Acting Hierarchy. I stand corrected. The screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker did not play the infamous "Sloth" in Se7en. He's just one of the other dead bodies, the poor sap. David the Movie Geek also let me know I forgot Zach Grenier (pictured left from Fight Club) who is also in Zodiac. Oops. Sorry Zach. I shall add you when I get a free moment.

Tangent! "Zachary" is my favorite male name. I am jealous of all of you who have it. Don't you love your name?

Anonymous (leave your names, people) agreed that Kristin Scott Thomas is excellent in Nowhere Boy and scorchinghot in Leaving (Partir). But do you think she should've won that Burn After Reading role?


dinasztie said...

I myself cannot believe why people seem to forget City Island. Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies and Emily Mortimer gave brilliant, nomination-worthy performances. IMO both ladies were better than the much-hailed Jacki Weaver.

Andrew R. said...

Yay, I'm special. (Don't forget my comment about how The Official Story was almost better than Ran.)

And the name Zachary is OK. I always go to the site "Baby's Got a Bad, Bad Name" when I need a laugh. Some of those names...wow. "I'll name my kid Fflur!"

Michael Parsons said...

Would love for you to do something on 'For Colored Girls'. I am not expecting great things, however there is a total lack of diversity this year.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

I think you're totally underestimating Jennifer Lawrence and Winter's Bone...check out the Gotham Award Nominations...it begins.

Okay, that was a little tongue-in-cheek...the Gotham Awards are no great indicator of Oscar success.

Mostly, I think you're underestimating her because I want to believe it. I'm of course worried for her. I loved the film and the performance, but it could so obviously miss because none of the talent involved is in the club. It's an Indie Spirit slam dunk, for sure. It's not a sure thing, though.

Kevin said...

Here's the thing about Olivia Williams, City Island, Please Give, and all those great films and performances from the first half of the year: unless something can happen to revitalize buzz in the second half of the year, they're dead in the water. Too bad, too: I loved Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall in Please Give, not to mention Catherine Keener's killer performance.

However, I will say that I think you're underestimating Jennifer Lawrence. She may not have Carey Mulligan-sized buzz around her, but she's damn good and has managed to keep herself in the conversation for this long. Though the Gothams aren't any major Oscar indicator, they are the first nominations of the season, really, and the Winter's Bone love can only help her.

Not only that, but if you're betting on Winter's Bone getting a Best Picture nomination (right now, you are), you have to assume Lawrence will be nominated as well. They're not going to recognize the picture and ignore her.

Sawyer said...

Not saying this to suck up, but I've always dug Nathaniel. I always pictured a son named Nathaniel, with the nickname Nate. Remember that pirate movie with Tommy Lee Jones - Nate and Hayes? I think that's where the Nate obsession started, and when I got older I discovered it could be short for Nathaniel. But I had girls.

So enjoy your name Nate. Can I call you Nate?

adelutza said...

I think Jennifer Lawrence is getting enough attention compared with Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine and , as usual, Tilda Swinton in I Am Love. I consider both film among the best 10 of the year but nobody else seems to care much about them. Oh, well.

Jordan Wellin said...

One of my good pal's names is Zachery (so nice that he spells it with an "e"). I, too, am jealous of his name.