Monday, October 18, 2010

Oscar Prediction Revisions: Costume Design, Documentary Shorts

The Oscar Prediction Pages are all finally revised and updated.

This morning I was thinking about the costume designers who may be in play. Like many of the Academy's branches, costume designers can be a bit insular about who they nominate (though no group is anywhere near as "final club" elitist as the composers) but one previously unnominated designer I hope they consider is Louise Stjernsward who did the costuming for Made in Dagenham.

The period work in the film (late 60s England) doesn't seem unduly fussed over, which is a plus for a film that's aiming for a light touch on a serious topic. And it's one of those movies where the costumes actually play an important plot role once or twice, as in this red number we see Sally Hawkins wearing below. She's on her way to a very important meeting and she's borrowed the dress to look higher class. It's a touch too big on her.

The film also has quite a broad range of costumes on display since we have businessmen, factory workers at work and on their days off, politicians (Miranda Richardson, left), a swimsuit photoshoot (center) and even lots of undergarment on ever shape and size of woman since the women in the Dagenham factory regularly strip down to work, given the heat.

It seems like it must have been a big project for Stjernswad, but a hugely enjoyable one.

See the new costume design page now with animated gallery.

Documentary Shorts
Here is the trailer for one of eight Documentary Short finalists, Sun Come Up, which looks at the refugees of climate change. It looks gorgeous and sad.

Sun Come Up Trailer from Sun Come Up on Vimeo.

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cal roth said...

Don't you think Roderick Jaynes is very likely nominee if they like the movie? At least it's more likely than the prestige period piece, a genre that usually gets a snub (Atonement, Gosford Park, Chocolat, Capote).

Glenn Dunks said...

Swap out Get Low for Robin Hood (remember that Costume Design nomination for, of all things, Troy?) and I reckon that looks about right.

The technical categories seem so hard to read since there aren't as many obvious candidates. I hope TRON Legacy can sneak up in Costume and Art Direction though. That'd be a trip.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Some original song contenders (that I know of):

Pimps Don't Cry (The Other Guys)
Ramona (Scott Pilgrim)
Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
My Own Step (Step Up 3D)
Despicable Me OR Prettiest Girls (Despicable Me)
I Remain (Prince of Persia)
Never Say Never (Karate Kid)
To the Sky (Legend of the Guardians)
Theme to Knight and Day (Knight and Day)

I'm sure there are others, but that's what I know of for now. Your predictions are probably closest, though.

par3182 said...

fyi - in your nomination tallies you have toy story 3 listed with five noms but you've predicted six (picture, animated feature, adapted screenplay, song, sound mixing, sound editing)

Bill_the_Bear said...

I'd like to see Alexandre Desplat get nominated for his score for "The Ghost Writer," which is my favourite score of the year so far.

Volvagia said...

RAMONA? REALLY!!? It's the same joke that was in Nacho Libre. Garbage Truck is probably their best bet. 1. It's Beck. 2. There's more than ONE WORD to the song's lyrics. 3. It's the most notable and complete song in the movie. (About 2:15-2:45, with every other song beat lasting less than 0:50.)

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Volvagia - No, no, the full version with lyrics plays over the closing credits. And it's 4:22. Also written by Beck. And I would argue that *that's* the most notable song, since it plays three times and is named after the lead girl.

Volvagia said...

Okay. But I don't think they're allowed to judge footageless End Credits song material anymore, which I KNOW is garbage. Aside from the end credits, Garbage Truck is the most memorable song of the movie.