Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lunk. Subgenius. Monster.

awwww, poor Frankenstein Monster. Always so pathetically lonely. Hit refresh ya big lug! I'm sure someone will cozy up. If you're lucky she'll have a huge skunk inspired beehive. [Note: This illustration is brought to you from the wonderful imagination of Mr Hipp.... click over and see other illustrated wonders.]


/3rtfu11 said...

OT: Yes.

Lopsided Pairs

Interested in your thoughts concerning the women who find themselves with the glory of a Best Actress win but either their 1st or 2nd Oscar is a Supporting one. Are they lopsided or fortunate to be thought of twice for wins? Who will join the five women who fit into this special category of female double (and in this group) triple winners? The names that keep recurring Jolie, Swinton, Blanchett and my queen whose ceramic penguin always faces Due South as continuing this double edged sword of a legacy.


How about that Frankenstein? When is he getting a revival. All the other monsters get one.

/3rtfu11 said...

He got in 1994.


1994 frankenstein = blah

pomme said...

poor honey!

Andreas said...

I think Guillermo del Toro's planning a Frankenstein revival in the near future, so that could be the big break Frankie needs to make it in the 21st century.

Also, saying "Frankenstein revival" feels redundant, because... what else are you going to do with Frankenstein's monster but give him new life?