Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Link of Their Own

Have your eyes yet feasted on this actual handwritten letter (thx Boy Culture) that Madonna wrote to photographer Steven Meisel? So much pop cultural memory jogging is happening: Herb Ritts, the "Sex" book in idea form, The House of Extravaganza, and --eep! -- everyone's favorite female baseball picture A League of Their Own ("Geena Davis is a barbie doll"... "I hate actresses..." HA!).

That's better than any time machine in taking me right back to 1992. This is why no one should ever throw anything handwritten away ever.

The Big Picture $40 million is the new ceiling for Hollywood drama budgets. It's about time they figured that out. You can make a great one for that amount so why not improve your profitability potential?
All Things Fangirl on Batman 3 speculation (it's actually Batman 8 if you ask me, though I know everyone likes to pretend the first 5 Bruce Wayne pics didn't happen) Which female villain should appear. I say none because of Nolan's girl problem. I was just innocently reading along and then my fur went up and I started hissing. You'll know why.

i09 interviews Eliza Dushku about the departed Dollhouse now that it's all on DVD. Will she work with Joss Whedon again?
Star East Asia Reign of Assassins character posters. I am so ready to see Michelle Yeoh again. Bring this movie to me.
Empire Black Swan graphic design
/Film Green Hornet poster
I Need My Fix Adam Sandler in drag? My eyes!
Topless Robot They're converting the whole Harry Potter series into 3D. I would someday like 2 pennies to rub together myself but sometimes the insatiable miserable greed in this world is really unsettling.

<--- Meanwhile, in my weekly column for Towleroad I've issued a cinema-altering challenge to James Cameron involving Elizabeth Taylor, bitched about the MPAA and their fear of peen, and shared a performance moment from the dueling trans stars of Portugal's Oscar submission. Why is it that no matter where you go in the world, the drag playlists remain exactly the same?


Will said...

The legendary Angela Lansbury turns 85 years young today. I wish you would've done the same kind of birthday tribute you've made on Dame Julie Andrews birthday.

Hayden said...

I read that letter and came.

Fernando Moss said...


Catwoman never done well or the way we want to see her?!?!?!?!

Batman has never encountered a woman who is anything resembling interesting or challenging and Bruce Wayne has been completely devoid of any & all sexual energy?!?!?!?!

He has never watched Batman Returns, right?

The Pretentious Know it All said...

What are the five Batman movies you speak of, Nathaniel? I count four...

1. Batman
2. Batman Returns
3. Batman Forever
4. Batman and Robin...

What's the fifth? Are you counting Mask of the Phantasm?


the pretentious -- oh i was counting the one from the 60s too, because it was a feature film.

but if you count the animated features there's additional movies too.

Bailey said...

Strangely, I have heard of this letter, although I've never seen it until now. I remember a couple of the comments distinctly (playing baseball with girls - yuk, hating actresses). I remember being a bit sad because A League of Their Own is one of my favorite movies and she basically hated making it. Has it been featured in any sort of Madonna or ALOTO project or something? I can't imagine where I saw it, and I can't imagine Stephen Meisel just put it on the Internet, so I wonder where it's from.

jazz said...

I love that she signed it DITA - she was going through her Erotica/sex phase wasn't she ??

A League of their own = still fun to watch.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Hey, hey, Undertow is playing at my school next week! Awesome!

Re: Catwoman, I wish they actually went with an Internet rumor on this one. Remember when there was talk (and nothing more) of Cher playing Catwoman by way of Norma Desmond? I would *love* to see that. Fincher auditioned Jesse Eisenberg based on blog chatter, why can't Nolan do the same with Catwoman?

Honestly, I just want to see Cher in a Batman movie.

jazzt said...

@Walter - Cher as catwoman! YES!!

Come feb 5 when she ends Vegas she is a free agent

That needs to happen, i'm sure she's got the perfect weave for catwoman too