Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Link Goes to 11

Live Feed Glee inspired political attack ad. Who knew an attack ad could be cute?
Kenneth in the (212) my friend Kenneth will be seen briefly in the new Mindy Cohn gay flick Violet Tendencies. When was the last time you heard "new Mindy Cohn flick"... let alone a gay one?
Pop Justice "Bad Romance" is one year old today. Kinda. Still love it.

This Leonardo TotallyLooksLike double got
saved on my computer months ago. Every time I
notice it I start giggling. So I must finally share.

Vulture worries that Thor's Frost Giants will battle for the home tree in Avatar. Please. Thor should be so lucky to be (favorably) compared to Avatar. I'm guessing. I am just sensing a terrible terrible movie coming our way.
IndieWire assures us that the Spirit Awards are returning to their Saturday afternoon by the beach tradition.
ArtsBeat Broadway cools down its celebrity lust... for the current moment at least.
Popbytes Speaking of... can you believe that The King's Speech is already planning its Broadway bow? It hasn't even opened in movie theaters yet!
MTV Ang Lee's Life of Pi gets one step closer to production by casting its lead actor 17 year-old Suraj Sharma
Just Jared Tom Hardy for Snow White and the Hunstman? I'm in. Just please let some of these new fairy tale movies NOT view Tim Burton's hideous Alice as something to emulate.

...and some artwork for you
Y'all don't comment on the art related posts but you're going to keep getting them because Nathaniel likes to draw and he loves the artists out there making the internet a more beautiful / whimsical / imaginative place. Deal!
Becky Cloonan "Sluts of Dracula" omg love these sketches. And the title is to undie for.
Austin Translation "Bitter Moments with Count Chocula" a wee Twilight dig.


Robert Hamer said...

Programs like the uh, uh, the edu-uh..uuuhhh......I ju..

Lara said...

The article you linked to re Tom Hardy and Snow White also says that the studio wants Angelina Jolie to play the evil queen. Isn't she set to play Maleficent in a Disney version? Talk about uninspired casting.


Lara -- i think both are studio wish-lists rather than actual deals. it's hard to keep track these days since the movie sites treat rumor, offers, casting suggestions and signed deals all with roughly equal weight ;)

Rose said...

I love totally looks like. That website, in accordance with I Can Has Cheezburger, take up a sizable porition of my time daily. Have you seen the one with "Awesome baby totally looks like strutting Leo"?


Lara said...

Nathaniel, I just saw that you gave Broadway's Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown a D+? Was it really that bad? With that cast? Not that I've seen it (I'm nowhere near Manhattan) but from all that I've read so far, I thought it's going to be a sure fire hit.

Lateboomer said...

I have seen the trailer for Violet Tendencies, and would love to see the whole thing... Do you know if this is going to be out on DVD?

Thanks :)


Lara -- i shall write about it soon.

Lateboomer -- i'm sure it will eventually but it's opening in theaters in NY & LA next month.

Sawyer said...

From the set photos we've seen, I'm hoping that Thor is a flashback to the mythology/sci-fi movies of the 80's - Flash Gordon, Krull, The Neverending Story, etc. Maybe even a touch of The Fifth Element.

Not that these are necessarily good movies (I would argue that 5th Element is very good), but it would be a refreshing throwback.

Sawyer said...

Smoldering brunettes are commonly typecast as fantasy villians. And the results don't lie - they're usually very good. Anjelica Huston in The Witches. The amazing Sarah Douglas from Superman II and Conan II. Angelina herself in Beowulf. These are just a few that come to mind.