Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burlesque ~ New Photo!

Here it is, in all its hot honey glory

I wish I liked Christina Aguilera more because I am so thankful that we'll have a musical to enjoy in the movie theaters this year. But still... CHER.

This photo begs the question, though...
The Hand Bra: Who wore it best?



Jazz said...

i'm with you Nathaniel.
I like Xtina, but no where NEAR as much as i love Cher.
her part isn't as big as i'd like it to be but TWO new Cher songs?!! gaaaaa
can't wait
who wore the bra best? Janet?

Andrew R. said...

Jessica or Janet.

Never liked Christina or Mecha-Streisand.

Ryan T. said...

I'll be watching this. Because of Cher. And the certainty that it will be a hot glorious mess.

Steolicious said...

I can't stand Christina anymore, and just the trailer was too much for me... Maybe I go and see it for Cher...

Team Streisand :)

chris na Taraja said...

You forgot to add Kurt from last nights episode of GLEE. He's wearing the shirt with the hands on the breast, just like all the other divas. Plus he gives a kick ass duet with Rachael of Babs and Judys' version "Get Happy/Happy Days"

Sar said...

Fosse would shoot himself if he weren't already dead.

Unknown said...

Love Aguilera as a vocalist; love Cher as a vocalist (also as an actress, artist, etc.).

I'm really excited for Burlesque if only because it's a musical in a year filled with less exciting features.

Hoping for it to be amazing, but if it's a "hot glorious mess" as Ryan T. stated, I wouldn't mind that either. I think 2010 needs some great camp. I'd otherwise need to force myself through the audacious My Soul to Take again, but I prefer it to be brilliantly costumed and to feature musical numbers.

jazz said...

Julian there has to be camp in it
Alan cumming and Stanley Tucci are in it hahah
not to mention the CAMP IDOL herself CHER