Sunday, October 10, 2010

First and Last, Eye

first and last images from a film.

first and last lines of dialogue for another clue.
first ~"Some call _______ the perfect society."
last ~ "To live only once... but with hope."
Can you guess the movie?

Yes, it's the sci-fi adaptation [Highlight for the answer] AEON FLUX (2005) starring Charlize Theron... who probably needs to get back to work in some major surprising way that reinvigorates audience interest, don't you think?

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Ella said...

Aeon Flux, I think.

Unknown said...

Aeon Flux for sure :)

She is so HOT in this!!!

She has to do something involving black hair again, the contrast with her skin is mesmerizing.

cal roth said...

Vertigo is so influential.

Lara said...

Aeon Flux always reminds of Charlize Theron's statement after winning the Oscar "don't become Halle Berry" referring to her disastrous Catwoman. And when Aeon Flux failed too, there was schadenfreude everywhere.
But while AF might have a flawed script (though I think the movie is better than most remember it) I've never seen Charlize giving such a miserable performance like Halle did in Catwoman.


ella & yavor -- well done.

OtherRobert said...

I rather liked Aeon Flux and Charlize Theron was a major reason why. She was so effortless as this bizarre character. I bought the screenplay because I believed her actions and that was no small feat.

CParis said...

I luuvved the production design for Aeon Flux!