Sunday, October 17, 2010

Say What? (Tom is so Impossible)

Amuse us. Caption or add dialogue to either of these photos in the comments. They're taken from the set of Mission Impossible 4. Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise have gone for a swim. [src]


allen said...

"Come on in, the water is warm!"

"Wait a minute... why is it only warm over here?!?"

AMentalFracture said...

"You know ... from this angle you look like a movie star."

"Shit ... do you think they saw us kissing?"

AMentalFracture said...

alternative to 1st photo:

"You know ... the water is only three feet deep here, you can stan--oh, you ARE standing ... awkwaaaaaard."

Calum Reed said...

"Are those gay rumours true?"

"Does Top Gun exist?"

pomme said...

@cal:you stole my idea ;D

Aaron said...

Jeremy 1: I see you're drowning in the chilly waters of homophobia.

Jeremy 2: Guys, "The Hurt Locker" was just a movie! I swear!

(Sorry to get political!)

cal roth said...


Tom: It's so cold here.


Tom: Can you hug me to warm me up? Nobody is seeing.

Calum Reed said...


Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

Chris na Taraja said...

1. Tom "you've handled bombs before, right?

Jeremy, "yes"

2. Our mission is to dismantle M. Night Shyamalans LADY IN THE WATER, but I don't even know where to begin.

Chris na Taraja said...

or this....

1. Tom "Want to join me"

Jeremy "Sure, your huge, I mean, your a star, I mean.."

2. Tom "My closet will self destruct in 5 seconds."

Andrew R. said...

Jeremy 1: Hooray, I'm drowning, now I can get my adrenaline fix!

Tom 1: Wanna see my Top Gun?


Jeremy 2: Oh crap, they saw us.

James T said...

1st pic:

Jer: Are you trying to do something impossible?

Tom: Not impossible. Just risky.

2nd pic:

Jer: Oh no, it's the MPAA. But we're not doing anything!

Tom: They probably think you're hugging me.

bbats said...

In the first photo, why is Tom Cruise swimming like no tomorrow and Jeremy Renner is just standing there poised to smoke a filtered cigarette. Oh that's right, Tom Cruise is short.

Anonymous said...

"Let's fuck."

"Oh shit we're being recorded!"

Volvagia said...

Jeremy: Why is that Blue Haired knife wielding psycho watching us?

Tom: Oh, him? Don't be afraid. He's ace.

Poleethman said...

Don't worry, the Scientology space ship will pick us up any minute now.

billybil said...

1st Pic:

Jeremy: You're doing great. You make a perfect Norman Maine.

Tom: Thanks. I still can't believe you agreed to play Esther.

2nd Pic:

Tom: But aren't I supposed to swim out here all alone?

Jeremy: Yeah, but it's the gay version so we both have to drown. (Jeremy adds, under his breath: Besides, I think I've got a better chance at an Oscar if I die too.)

Kurtis O said...

Tom: Congratulations on "The Hurt Locker."

Jeremy: Thanks! Congratulations on...sorry.

Kurtis O said...

Tom: Did you bring Affleck's comeback guide?
Jeremy: Yeah, I left it with Suri. She's cleaning all the body thetans off of it.

Volvagia said...

1st Picture:

Jeremy: What are you looking at?

Tom: The building that blew up in front of my eyes?

Between photo link:

A knife flies toward Renner, forcing him to dive into the water.

Improvement on initial second photo caption.

Jeremy: Is that blue-haired psycho one of yours?

Tom: Yes. Ace, and, unlike me, on two levels.