Monday, October 11, 2010

First & Last, "Cameron Diaz is Hot"

the first images, pre and post opening credits.

no last image as it'd give the game away completely. How about the first and last line of dialogue instead?
first ~ "That Cameron Diaz is hot."
last ~ "It was when I met these guys, my friends."
Can you guess the movie? I actually don't like this one at all but some of you are bound to be fans. To each their own!

It's [Highlight for the answer] THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB: A ROMANTIC COMEDY (2000) by Greg Berlanti. 

more first and last puzzles...
all with highlightable answers for easy guess-checking.
how many can you guess?



Anonymous said...

Broken Hearts Club?


SillySarah said...

no clue...!

James T said...

The first time I encountered Miss Diaz was when I was, i dunno, ten and it was in Mask. She went in the bank and it was raining outside and i think she had a newspaper on her head. Anyway, she lifted her head and, how do you say that... well she moved her hair round and round. You know the cliche. I instantly fell in love. Then I found out I'm gay plus, well, she was never THAT hot in any other movie as far as i recall.

Needless to say i didn't know the movie. This series will be the death of me :p

koch said...

Broken Hearts Club is also my guess.

Robert Hamer said...

@ James T: She was damn sexy in Head Above Water.


the answer is indeed BROKEN HEARTS CLUB, a gay comedy by Greg Berlanti (who is a big tv guru)

Anonymous said...

Berlanti also directed Life As We Know It *Debbie Downer music