Saturday, January 03, 2009

...and they all lived linkily ever after

Cannes knows how to pick them. Isabelle Huppert will head the 2009 Cannes Jury. Last year's estimable panel, headed by Sean Penn, contained two actresses, two actor/directors and three directors. If the collection is similar this year, who will have the honor of sitting beside her? Will they be frightened for their very souls?

Now, one never knows which actors are expert at judging the craft of acting and filmmaking (criticism being an entirely different skill than creation ... one only has to look at SAG's often horrible taste in "best" to see this dichotomy) but Huppert has an undeniably rare gift and such a thrilling distinct persona that it's amazing just to fantasize about her all godless, gorgeous and cerebral ... peering stone-faced down her freckled nose at the shivering anxious movies. Isabelle the destroyer. But what will she love? [src]

oh yes, the links...
Self Styled Siren a fine piece on Douglas Sirk and... Revolutionary Road?
Film Ick
Hugh Jackman, no stranger to stage musicals, is still not transferring it to screen. He won't be starring in Soderbergh's 3D rock musical Cleo after all. Brendon thinks this is a mistake.
Dave Kehr with the list on the 25 movies added to the National Film Registry for 2008. The list doesn't magistically preserve the titles for all postery (shame) but it's an honor suggesting that they merit preservation. Titles include In Cold Blood (see Nick's guest review), Joan Crawford in Johnny Guitar and five silent goodies including Foolish Wives...
Lazy Eye Theater "Robert Rodriguez, you son of a bitch"
Cinephiliac pulls its own plug (just moved to GreenCine) with the top 30 of 2008
MTV John Travolta's teenage son has died. How very sad. Our hearts go out to the family.
Valley Dreamin'
says finis to the "Endings Blog-a-Thon" with 22 articles wrapping things up. THE END.


Anonymous said...

Visages by Tsai Ming-Liang
Cast: Kang-sheng Lee
Laetitia Casta
Jeanne Moreau
Fanny Ardant
Jean-Pierre Leaud
Nathalie Baye
Matheieu Amalric

Pivo said...

Last time an actor/actress headed Cannes jury (Liv Ullman - 2001), Golden Palm's winner was a movie (The son's room) in which a strong acting ensemble prevailed over auteur showcases. Considering a likely '09 central line-up...

* Almodóvar, Pedro
"Broken embraces"
Almodóvar loves women and actresses more than anything else. Could be the real frontrunner for Huppert's tastes.

* Coen, Ethan and Joel
"A serious man"
Coen's ensembles are always notable, but No country's universal acclaim is still too fresh in everyone's minds.

* Coppola, Francis Ford
Third Palme d'Or? I don't think so.

* Dumont, Bruno
Always a Cannes' fave, but a Huppert's fave?

* Frears, Stephen
Looks more like a Venice entry, but this is Nathaniel's blog, so... Pfeiffer could work here just like Rourke worked for "The wrestler" in Venice '08.

* Haneke, Michael
"The white tape"
Haneke guided Huppert in one (if not THE one) of her best works(La pianiste). A robust bonus point.

* Jarmusch, Jim
"The limits of control"
Once more, another possible strong piece of acting, but seems unlikely for a win.

* Mann, Michael
"Public enemies"
The perfect kind of empty-handed movie in award's ceremony, but don't underestimate a Depp/Bale/Cotillard combo.

* Ming-liang, Tsai
Bonus point: conceived as a homage to Truffaut. Shooted in Louvre's complex!

* Tarantino, Quentin
"Inglorious basterds"
Doesn't looks like a Huppert's fave, but could benefit of a powerful ensemble.

* von Trier, Lars
An actor's director for excellence. Bingo!

Anonymous said...

I say 'Broken Embraces' wins Palme d'or and Michelle Pfeiffer wins Best Actress.

David Beckham is not gay anymore said...


Anonymous said...

Howl by Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman (from the filmmaker of The Times of Harvey Milk)
James Franco as Allen Ginsberg
Paul Rudd
Mary-Louise Parker
Jeff Daniels
David Strathaim
Alan Alda


DBINGA --HA! she should.

Arkaan said...

I would never call Huppert a misanthropist, but I can imagine her responding positively to Dumont.