Monday, January 10, 2005

The "Critics" Choice Awards

8:01 AM -I still can't believe they re-hired Wil --er, excuse me Eric McCormack to host. He's just so not funny as such.
8:03 AM -Ooh. Pretty Kate Winslet.
8:05 AM -The BFCA as "spineless kiss asses" OK. That's a good joke. Mostly because I agree with it.
8:06 AM -Ooh, I love clips. Virginia Madsen and Cate Blanchett both rock my world I must say. Yay, Virginia... she's looking very busty tonight. Yay...
8:10 AM -This has to be the stupidest category ever. Best Popular Movie. Good choice, Spider-Man 2! It's cute that she was happy. What's not so cute is that Spider-Man 2 is better than most of the pictures... maybe even all of the pictures that will wind up nominated this year. sigh...
8:12 AM -A personal nightmare for me; David Spade returns. Ooh, I like The Aviator.