Monday, January 17, 2005


Still thinking about the Globes (well, duh... it's only 9:30 the next morning) and wondering how they will or will not affect the Oscars. Obviously the awards have no affect on the nominations which will be announced in 8 days but they could definitely have effect the overall mood. On that count I would have to say the following:

BIG boost: Mike Nichols. Natalie Portman. Clive Owen. In truth, I don't expect either actor to carry over to an Oscar win but after the SAG shutout it probably felt pretty sweet to the Closer team. Both actors gave riveting performances and gracious or charming acceptance speeches -so should they be nominated, perhaps they'll be a spoiler dark horse candidates instead of the 'it's just an honor to be nominated' types.

Tiny Boost: The Aviator. It's nice to win Best Drama. It'll look nice on their newspaper and TV ads etc... but it didn't feel like a full endorsement. Mostly because Scorsese didn't also win. No doubt the perceived desperation is part of the problem. It may be only perception but everyone believes he desperately wants it. And they say that desperation is a huge turnoff in Hollywood (as it is everywhere actually)

Million Dollar Baby and Sideways strike me as having had exactly the type of night one could reasonably expect neither hurting nor helping.

I can't even go into Best Actress because I'm too upset about it... Note to Scorsese: Don't be desperate to win that damn statue. If they give Hilary Swank two you know it don't mean much.

Let it go...

And on the Jamie Foxx front. I have to say that it is amusing if you don't care one way or another (which I don't) to watch this happen for the 23rd time. Someone receiving huge outpourings of love for no particular reason other than for the role that they're playing (i.e. their career hasn't been stellar or long enough to warrant repeated standing ovations): see also Ben Kingsley in Gandhi, etc... Sometimes, as an actor, you just have to pick a beloved figure and do it well and you're in for the gold. People vote with their hearts (voter: "I LOVE Ray Charles [check mark by Jamie Foxx's name]) rather than with their heads (voter: Jamie Foxx does a good Ray imitation but what about these other actors... who gave the best performance? Let me see..." [considers ballot])

you know?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention Hotel Rwanda. It certainly did sound like the film had a lot of supporters noise wise. And while that crowd probably isn't a great berometre, it was still note-worthy I felt. It certainly got a better reception than Finding Neverland (and having now seen it I can see why - it really wasn't that great, was it?).

The one thing I didn't "get" about Jamie Foxx was his acceptance speech. Why did HE get to go on and on and on thanking every single person he had crossed paths with? I can understand a Julia Roberts doing it (hey, she'd been nominated for 2 other Oscars, it was HER day) but... this is essentially his first moment. Julia had to wait 10 years! Why should Jamie get him thing now?

I don't get how people can critisise Julia's acceptence speech at the Oscars and then say Foxx gave a humble and perfect speech? They were essentially the same. Except Julia's was sort of warrented.

Also, people really like Julia Roberts, and had done for a decade. What's the bet that if 2 years ago, if someone had made the wacky suggestion to invite Jamie Foxx they would have laughed.

That is all I have to say really. Nothing against him or his performance... just, ya know... "whatever"

PS; Why were Usher, P. Diddy and Lisa Marie Presley (+ 1 Cape) there?

It's sorta funny, cause when watching the red carpet I said to my friends that I wanted someone to arrive wearing a cape. And then an hour and a half into the show what should we see... uh-huh! a cape!


Anonymous said...

I loved Foxx in "Ray", but every time I see him in interviews, award shows, etc., he always come off as cocky. I'm sure it must be very easy for him, sitting back and picking up each award, one by one.

Gustavo H.R. said...

"I can't even go into Best Actress because I'm too upset about it... Note to Scorsese: Don't be desperate to win that damn statue. If they give Hilary Swank two you know it don't mean much."

You got THAT right.

adam k. said...

Hey, now, I don't want Hilary to win again either, but now people are acting like she didn't even deserve her first one or something... and that was the last truly deserving best actress win in quite a while... I loved her at the time of Boys Don't Cry. I know she's not all that versatile (she seems to only impress in the endearing tomboy role... she "Swank archetype") and hasn't really done anything sense, but don't begrudge her her first oscar, please...


not begrudging the first. just sayin...


I wouldn't care that much were it not for the probability that ALL of her competitors are going to be worthier nominees (which is rare --usually I find the frontrunner to be somewhere in the middle of the pack)

Anonymous said...

I thought she deserved an Oscar nomination for "The Core"! She was wicked hardcore awesome in that movie! Specially when she was floating around through LAVA!!!


(I don't want Hilary Swank to win a second Oscar either.)

Anonymous said...

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