Thursday, January 27, 2005

"In a gay-oriented way"

I found this just too strange to pass up. (Linked through Oscarwatch Forums) It's something about Hayden Christensen and some other actor named Trevor Blumas, whom I've never heard of (which is weird for me being a film freak and all) being ex-boyfriends. And if I didn't know that I was born and raised as an English speaking person, I would think this was in a different language so strange are the turns of phrase. It's also hilariously Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys-like in it's obsession with secret codes, timelines, and what not...

"Trevor wears jewelry ...that is exactly and totally consistent with current gay/bisexual jewelry codes !!!!!!!!!!!" [The exclamation points are my own but I couldn't help it. They needed to be there.]

And how's this for totally accurate sleuthing:

In reference to a posting board message about a star spotting with Hayden Christensen with some guy: "By the timing, the boy could only have been Trevor Blumas, and if it somehow was not, then not only am I mad at Hayden for dumping Trevor, I am mad at Hayden for cheating on Trevor also, although I still do love Hayden because he is gay. Unless when the poster says "Last year," he means sometime after October 2003 and after Hayden and Trevor had broken up."

Wait --did Douglas J. Feith write this? Cuz that's some bad-ass investigative journalism goin' on there!


NicksFlickPicks said...

I don't even think I got my copy of the jewelry codes in the mail this year. Did I forget to pay my dues?

This website is by far the strangest thing I have seen on the web in months.

Anonymous said...

Hayden Christensan is gay? I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

I first stumbled upon this guy's postings a couple of years ago. It's very sad. He needs to stay on his medication. His rants are like a stalker/blogger version of slash fiction.

People who don't know who Trevor Blumas is might remember him from the TV series Little Men, (also with Corey Sevier). Now there's another great resource for crazed slash fiction writers.

On the topic of Christensen... there was talk of him doing a film based on a Collette novel co-starring Jessica Lange and Judi Dench. Sounded interesting. Heard anything?

DavisMcDavis said...

I'm going to vote for "totally lost it".

Anonymous said...

I think he's a genius. He says his web page on quantum physicis was once linked-to by the web site of an organization of professional quantum physicists, and his web site is linked-to by experts in gay teen suicide too. Maybe the reason why you can't understand it is that you're just too dumb. His whole web site is a work of art, it's the best stuff you can find anywhere, but you have to be reasonably smart to get it, I guess.

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