Monday, January 10, 2005

My Dakota Fanning Confession.

8:58 - OK. I'm about to say something really really really unpopular; I like Dakota Fanning. i know she's supposed to freak us out (just ask Ed Gonzalez) but she's just cute as a button. Maybe she is a demon seed but I kinda like her. Well, let's not get crazy... it's not like I love her enough to see the films she's in. But anyway... moving on while I still have my dignity. So, family film: Finding Neverland. OK. whatever. You know I've been dissing Marc Forster for awhile now as a director nominee (only because I don't think he deserves it) but he is an attractive bald man, I must say and anyone Kate Winslet loves is fine by me.

9:03 -OK, Virginia was really excited about The Incredibles winning best animated film.

9:05 -nobody reads this blog. I know. But I just can't let it go yet. The site gets enough readers to keep me happy. But the blog is a stillborn. Still, I felt like watching TV vegging and making embarassing confessions about enjoying Dakota Fanning's performance. Or, maybe I just convinced myself that I thought she was a good little actress because I read some big profile on her once and the reporter said something was bugging him the whole time that he was interviewing and he finally realized what it was; she was either very much like or was mimicking Michelle Pfeiffer in her body language, phrasing, etc... (this was right after I am Sam.

So, perhaps it's a freaky Pfeiffer-as-a-7-year-old thing. Is that how old Dakota is? Why am I still talking about Dakota? Oh yeah because the BFCA is a stupid stupid show and i'm bored out of my mind


Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, I'm reading!! Although I would much prefer a nice detailed film bitch article (as opposed to a blog), truth be told ill read whatever you sad. i think you're all cool and what not, so keep typing those words; they always serve to satisfy my craving for your film knowledge and insight!


This blog won't replace the articles! Don't worry. I just don't care enough about the BFCA to put in any real effort -in other words. Not important enough to write an article about ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely reading!

I Heart Nathaniel


adam k. said...

EEEeeeewww... Dakota sure as hell freaks ME out. She's frightening. And the Pfeiffer thing is pretty scary. No small child should ever be acting that much like an adult, even if it is your beloved Pfeiffer. And especially not like an ingenue, like in the Man on Fire trailer, or a demonchild/adult, like in the trailer to that new DeNiro movie she's in. That girl is posessed or something. Although I admit that the clip of her winning best young actress was really cute.

Anonymous said...

Dakota is so cute i dont know what some of you are talking about but she is adorable.