Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Producers Guild of America Nominations

It's weird that they're not up at their site yet but here are the motion picture nominees:

SIDEWAYS Fox Searchlight
THE AVIATOR Miramax Films
THE INCREDIBLES Walt Disney Pictures

This is very good news for Sideways especially since the critical darling of the year isn't ever a 'sure thing' for PGA recognition. This is very bad news for the controversial blockbusters The Passion and 9/11 which would have had an easier time scoring here than elsewhere. And extremely bad news for Ray which seems like a frontrunner for an Oscar spot and has the best gross of all five of the top contenders and still, it, can't get a PGA nod?

How well does PGA match the eventual Oscar shortlist? Here is their entire history (as far as full nomination lists go)

2003 4 of 6
2002 3 of 6
2001 3 of 5
2000 3 of 5
1999 3 of 5
1998 3 of 5
1997 4 of 5
1996 3 of 5
1995 4 of 7
1994 - 1992 exact same lineup as Oscar all three times

So, they use to be perfectly predictive. Now, they call 3 or 4 of the nominees. Which is it this year?


adam k. said...

All but The Incredibles will be oscar nominees, it appears (4 of 5). I didn't expect Neverland to be a PGA nominee, but since it is, I say it'll definitely be making the oscar cut. It has yet to miss a major precursor. The 5th spot is really hard to call, now! Maybe it will be Incredibles after all... or not. Probably Hotel Rwanda.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice is something unlikely but deserving crept in, like Closer, Eternal Sunshine or A Very Long Engagement...

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