Sunday, January 16, 2005

Star Jones-Reynolds on E!

You know. I don't ask for much. I put up with the extremely annoying Joan and Melissa Rivers for YEARS because I love pre-show arrival coverage and that was the only real game in town (those half hour official pre-shows suck because you get maybe 5 stars. Joan and Melissa got truckloads of stars.) And...well, the point I'm getting to is maybe my imagination is not big enough. Because I NEVER thought I would be desperate to have them back. I never thought they'd be able to find a MORE annoying host.

I'm using a lot of EXCLAMATORY all caps because I'm upset right now. The idea of sitting through two hours of STAR JONES-REYNOLDS is almost enough to turn me off watching the pre-show. Almost...

Hate her.


adam k. said...

Really? I don't think Star is THAT bad... but I do kinda miss Joan and Melissa.
It's not the same without them. Joan did at least understand that she was a vicious star-whore. But Star is kinda fun to laugh at.
I don't think I like Emmy Rossum... you can tell she went to an elite prive girl's school and is a tennager. but YES! Ewan! Hot.

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