Thursday, July 14, 2005

Emmy Nominations Announced

There are other sites that will have more to say about the individual races. But the only thing I really want to mention is IT'S ABOUT F**KING TIME: Scrubs one of the only truly laugh out loud funny comedies on Network television actually got nominations this time around. It's a miracle.

Also congratulations to the Academy for recognizing the strength of Showtime's Huff ---the first few episodes seemed a little rough in that slipshod 'what are we trying to do/say/be here?' way of, well, Showtime series in general. But it found its groove and it's a fine show.


Anonymous said...

My ABOUT TIME moment came when I learned that they FINALLY saw fit to include CCH Pounder for her remarkable work on The Shield. Where they've been for the last 2 years with that one is beyond me.

Major surprises and snubs throughout, but that inclusion made me smile.


Anonymous said...

Having taken a closer look, I've found additional joy in the snubbing of Allison Janney in the Lead Actress category. She's a world class great actress, and her work on The West Wing was utterly deserving of those first 2 Emmys in the SUPPORT category. But to win 2 more as a LEAD actress smacked of ego, and I'm thrilled she got a slap this year.

Sorry, however, to see both Michael C Hall and Lauren Ambrose overlooked for Six Feet Under. I had Ambrose down as a "due" winner this year, and Hall was remarkable in the "That's My Dog" episode.


Anonymous said...

P.P.S. speaking of automatic Will & Grace nominations, Messing was the only one who didn't get a nod, and I'd argue she's perhaps the most worthy. (Mullally and Hayes are natural scene-stealers, but they've been giving the same performance for 7 seasons).


Joe R. said...

My biggest surprise is that Will & Grace actually led the nominations with 15 (tied w/ the Housewives), the highest tally for that show ever. Which is insane given the dropoff in quality. Although a closer look reveals a third of those nominations to be in the Guest Actor/Actress categories, which is both understandable, given how much they stack the deck with big name guests, and ironic since the over-reliance on guest stars is symptomatic of the show's problems.


Veronica Mars and Kristen Bell were a pipe dream on account of the UPN factor. Meet the new "Buffy" in terms of snubbage (although really it's the new "Buffy" in many more ways).

I was psyched about the following:
Zach Braff
Jessica Walter (she might even win!)
Naveen Andrews (I figured Terry O'Quinn would get the nod but I held out hope for Andrews or Daniel Dae Kim)
Sandra Oh (loved this nomination)

And even the noms from shows I don't watch . . . I mean, I can't not be happy for CCH Punder and Conchatta Farell

I agree with Rob about Lauren Ambrose. Thought she was "due" this year, too.

With no West Wing and no Sopranos, all of a sudden Best Drama is a huge toss-up. Lost, 24, and Deadwood seem to be the frontrunners. Some show will be winning for the first time.

Joe R. said...

Err, whoops. Forgot about West Wing in Best Drama. Still . . . it only got something like 5 nominations. It won't win, right???

Joe R. said...

Oh, I don't think Deadwood will win. How long did it take for The Sopranos to overcome the HBO hump?

Honestly, my gut's telling me 24, or maybe Lost. But they don't tend to honor shows the first time out unless they're crazy prestigious, so I'm saying 24 will win. It doesn't sound right, does it? Be that as it may.

Anonymous said...

I don't even watch The Shield and I'm psyched for CCH Pounder. Love her, seriously.

Scrubs! Awesome. Haven't looked at the nods yet but when I do I may have more to say.

btw, the high total for Will & Grace I think is more a reflection of the comedy catagories than the quality of the show itself.

I hope Jennifer Lopez got a guest role nominated. She was a hoot and half!