Thursday, July 28, 2005

Poland Predix

Interesting read as always from David Poland. But I think he's overestimating: The Producers (too funny-haha and not enough substance for the faux-gravitas of true Oscar candidates) and Vengeance the Spielberg entry. Not that it might not be the frontrunner. But it also might have significant problems... We shall see.


Joe R. said...

Yes, it is called "Munich" as of this week.

And, to be fair, having Munich as a frontrunner before it's even shot is no different than, say, having Memoirs or All the King's Men as a frontruner, since we're not exactly going on advance screenings of those flicks yet.

Anonymous said...

Munich is a likely frontrunner because a lot of the elderly Jewish members of the academy vote for anything related to Jewish suffering regardless of quality. Look at all the past documentary and foreign film winners. It's like Bush having the bible belt in his pocket. You've got your core group and you can be a mindless warmonger and still get elected.

As for the rest of Poland's list... it's interesting but where is The White Countess? Has it been bumped to 2006 or did he just forget about it?

Anonymous said...

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