Friday, October 27, 2006

Links, Episode #201

Center of Gravitas on Halloween costumes falling short. hee
NewNowNext spends some time w/ Pedro & Penelope
Cinematical interviews Augusten Burroughs. The Bening tears him up inside.
Post Modern Barney delivers a fascinating post on 80s vamp film Fright Night. Consider it up a warm up for that blog-a-thon coming Monday.

and something to discuss...
Hollywood Elswhere has two mentions of the already confusing Oscar campaigns for The Departed which you can read here and here. What say ye, readers? Who is lead and who is support? Forget the often dishonest Oscar campaigns. What is the true breakdown in your view for such a highly populated picture.


Anonymous said...

I see DiCaprio as lead and everyone else as support. Maybe Damon as lead too, though I could see calling him supporting.

Yaseen Ali said...

I totally see Leo as lead too, but if he wants to enter the race for Blood Diamond instead, that makes room for Jack Nicholson as the lead. They can't all be supporting players in The Departed.

adam k. said...

I haven't seen the film yet, but it seems like the only way they can justify calling Jack a lead is to claim that all three of the leads are Leads. Maybe they'll do that, and just not really campaign Leo, if he wants to do Blood Diamond instead.

I feel like everyone who sees this will think Leo is a lead (not just A lead but THE lead), and since he's such a big star and so many have seen it, they might not want to cause such a blatant case of fraud. But then again, wasn't Pacino "supporting" in Godfather? I guess it could happen then.

Whatever, I need to just see the film. But the walk to the mall here is long and cold, dammit.

adam k. said...

I really don't see, though, why they don't just do Leo as lead, Jack as support. If they did that, they'd probably both get nominated, and Jack would have a shot at winning. This way, they can only get one nom and nobody can win. Doesn't make sense.

And it's not like Jack is THAT much more famous than LEONARDO freakin' DiCAPRIO. Leo doesn't deserve the boot to supporting.


but Pacino was unknown when The Godfather was made. You can't exactly make a non-lead argument for one of the world's biggest stars unless you claim that the entire cast is supporting i.e. a true ensemble like Magnolia or Nashville

adam k. said...

Unless what they really want is to make room for a Mark Wahlberg push? GASP.

OK, I'm done now. Discuss.

adam k. said...

Oops, Nat is already discussing.

Brian Darr said...

The truth as I see it:

DiCaprio and Damon lead, Nicholson support.

Quite acceptable alternatives:

DiCaprio lead, Damon & Nicholson support.

DiCaprio & Nicholson lead, Damon support. (I can buy the argument that the film is really about the relationship between DiCaprio & Nicholson, with Damon acting as a foil for DiCaprio.)

DiCaprio, Damon & Nicholson lead (I'm of the school that believes a film can have more than one or even two leads- who's supporting in Lubitsch's Design For Living, for example?)

Barely tolerable:

DiCaprio, Damon & Nicholson supporting. (The Departed is not really an ensemble piece, but worse things have happened.)

Anything else is baldly cynical vote manipulation on the part of everyone involved, and I hope voters make sure it backfires by refusing to vote for improperly-placed actors.

Anonymous said...

Nicholson as lead makes only a little more sense, then say, Michael Caine as lead for The Prestige. So really shouldn't happen.

Damon and DiCaprio are co-leads. I don't really see how Leo is "more lead" than Damon.

Anonymous said...

I think DiCaprio, Damon and Nicholson are all leads with Wahlberg support.

Nicholson's role has been greatly expanded from Infernal Affairs and it's the kind of overpowering performance that seems too big for support IMO.

PS I saw Children of Men today and loved it. Shame the Academy will probably shun it as a genre piece. I've got to see more Clive Owen movies, he's brilliant, and Caine is terrific in his couple of scenes. Always lovely to see Ms Moore of course, though her role differs considerably from the book. Cinematography, editing and production design all top notch and a nice, understated score. But the true star is Alfonso Cuaron, what a master!