Friday, October 27, 2006

What's That On Your Head? A Wig!

Marie-Antoinette Week
Sofia Coppola's new biopic of the queen of deficit, Marie-Antoinette, has a killer soundtrack which happened to be the top selling one this past week at iTunes. So gobble it up like a delicious pastry. The CD is loaded with great 80s tunes and other aural wonders. But sadly, no B-52s. But they're there in spirit I'm sure.

What's that on your head?
A wig
Wig. Wig. Wig.

Molly's gotta wig
Asia's gotta wig
Judy's gotta wig
Jason's gotta wig
Rip's gotta cheap toupee
Kiki's gotta big bouffant on
We all got wigs, so let's go!

To the powdered, powdered side of town
in multi colored gorgeous gowns

Beyoncé's gotta wig
Dreamgirls all got wig
Johnny had a wig
Tried to fix Storm's wig
(still looks like hell)
Travolta's gotta big bouffant on
They'll all have wigs, so...let's go!

To the powdered, powdered side of town
in multi colored gorgeous gowns

What's that on Kiki's head?

A wig

Wig. Wig. Wig.

Wig's on fire!'s on fire!'s!
It's 1775 and we've got the most wigs alive!Wig's on fire!'s on fire! Take it higher!
It's 1775 and we've got the hottest do's alive!

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Lucas Dantas said...

Yaaay Nathan, let's get us wigs!! They're so hot right now!

Glenn Dunks said...

That picture of Travolta from Hairspray haunts my dreams.

RC said...

how funny!

Misty said...

Talk about some really cool costume wigs stuff - great site for wigs!

Anonymous said...

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