Monday, July 09, 2007

Bitch Fights @ Famousr

I promise not to keep posting about Famousr on account of: If you're interested, you've already been. But I wanted to share a few last stray thoughts on the fameocracy. Whilst whiling away the hours there (I swear I'm never going again) I decided it would be fun to pit people against each other that are paired in some way in the collective consciousness.

So I started with Bette & Joan. (Duh!) Their Hollywood feud was legendary but they're both awesome (Seriously: rent those old movies and be amazed)

Bette gets the last laugh as she always did. When they were both washed up it was Bette who grabbed the Oscar nomination for their mutual comeback in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? She also had the best (most evil --same diff) quips like
You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good... Joan Crawford is dead. Good!
Don't you long for the days when stars who were ill behaved could actually make with the funny? It beats modern celebrity brawls any day of the week. Take that uninteresting blob of flesh. The best she could come up with to humiliate her hated enemy Lindsay Lohan? "She's poor!"

Not exactly Wildean.

Moving on... The beauty and the recluse, the prom queen and the weirdo. This fame level is hard to argue with but Ally Sheedy can console herself with that genius High Art (1998) performance. Molly Ringwald had her moments but she never hit any role as hard as that. Damn Ally! ROBBED of an Oscar nomination you were.

Glenn Close and Sigourney Weaver are not enemies (as far as I know) but in my head they're connected. They're 80s icon twins: larger than life Oscarless ballbusters. They're too tough for a complete Hollywood embrace yet they're not going to be ignored. Thus: Oscar nominations but no wins. You probably love them both. As well you should.

Close gives Weaver the beat down at Famousr but for some reason I think Weaver is going back to Oscar's red carpet first. Just a hunch.

Charlie's Angels. It really is unfair that Jaclyn Smith stayed with the Angels forever and Farrah, who gave it all of one season --give or take a few contractually forced guest appearances, is still more famous. Must'a been that swimsuit poster and the volatile personal life.

And finally, a sister act. I swear to you that I did not edit this image in photoshop. But I had to record this truly nutty database glitch [click to enlarge]


Damselfly said...

I think Meg Tilly is most famous for having a son with Colin Firth...and keeping him locked up in British Columbia making furniture...or so they say. Personal love slave seems more likely...oh wait that's my fantasy...sorry!

J.D. said...

I knew it! John Travolta is a woman! And for some reason I kinda buy him hiding as Meg Tilly for years...

Anonymous said...

poor were good in The Big Chill dear! I really don't remember the dream sequence where you turned into John Travolta and seduced Andie MacDowell, though.

Marius said...

Nat, please don't mention that uninteresting blob of flesh ever again. I'm begging here. She shouldn't even count as a real star.

Now, Lily Tomlin vs. David O. Russell. That was a very interesting little feud for our generation.

Hm, you think Glenn Close is more famous than Sigourney Weaver? I'm not sure I believe that, but, who knows, you may be right.

Sam Brooks said...

Glenn Close vs. Sigourney Weaver is an odd thought. I was first thinking, "What?" but Sigourney has only one widely recognized movie under her belt, Aliens.

Glenn Close has Fatal Attractions, Dangerous Liasions, the horrible Dalmatians movie and that stint on The Shield. So it -kinda- makes sense.

Anonymous said...

If you put Meg first on the compare you get the right pics

Anonymous said...

Even if Farrah is more famous than Jaclyn, the latter now handily bests the former in the beauty dept. For real, did you see Jaclyn at the Emmys last year? Next to Farrah, she looked like the hottest, most well-preserved 60+ year old since Raquel Welch.