Sunday, July 08, 2007

Day of Rest

Shhhhhh Takeshi had a rough night

It's probably wrong how happy it makes me to see Takeshi Kaneshiro sleeping with a huge stuffed Hello Kitty* ...but if this is wrong I don't wanna be right.

Next week: I know I sometimes over promise but really: this feature is now my strict boss o' deadlines. (Otherwise I'll never get caught up) Anyway... next week: All That Jazz --it's half written, I swear. Watch it again quick!, Francophilia, "Actress of the Aughts" mini checkup, and the completion of the Oscar prediction overhaul.

*for the record the Kitty and the bed and everything else belongs to Shu Qi and Takeshi is about to haul his embarassed ass out of her apartment. He thinks she might be a prostitute so he gives her money (which confuses her). That's about all I get from the scene from Confessions of Pain because the DVD I managed to get me hands on doesn't have English subtitles so I'm rather at a loss.... previous related post


Aaron C. Thomas said...

Takeshi Kaneshiro is the most beautiful man on the planet. I know you already know I feel this way about him, but it bears repeating. It makes me happy every time you post something about him.

Marius said...

Yes, Takeshi is a beautiful man. When I first laid eyes on him, my heart almost stopped. Oh, Takeshi, if only you were mine.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nat...if you wanted to give Confessions of Pain another try (this time w/ English subtitles), you can get it here:

Anonymous said...

Oh look, I can't post the whole link. You can go to the front page and just search for "Confessions of Pain":