Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Will Ryan Throw a Gutter Ball or a Strike?

The pressure is undoubtedly on Ryan Gosling, what with needing to follow up his Oscar worthy breakthrough Half Nelson with something stronger than Fracture. Will the upcoming comedy Lars and the Real Girl be magical or just indie style quirky?

The plot screams "Quirky": Introverted man brings home a doll to meet his family and behaves as if it's real. They take him to a doctor. The cast counters with "magical": Gosling plus the superb Patricia Clarkson (Far From Heaven) and reliably fine Emily Mortimer (Match Point).

Either way wouldn't you love to go bowling with him?


adam k. said...

I would love to do ANYTHING with Ryan Gosling. Especially bowling, from the looks of it.

Plus, his playing a character named "Lars" is maybe the best thing ever.

The other name he needs to have, I think, is "Douglas." No one makes geeky names hotter. *growl*

Anonymous said...

Emily Mortimer was enough for me..I love that girl to pieces.

Personally, I can't wait for the sounding better by the minute 'Lovely Bones'

Anonymous said...

I'd do anything he asked me.

I can't wait for this film, it looks so smart and original. And I love how Patricia Clarkson is working with both Ryan and Rachel McAdams (Marriage) this year.

J.D. said...

Emily's in this? That's it: TICKETS! Tickets! I need TICKETS!!!

Anonymous said...

Great cast, but I'm troubled by the fact that the director is Craig Gillespie, whose Mr. Woodcock wrapped two years ago and is still on the shelf.

Michael B. said...

Two Words:

Peter Jackson.

I seriously can't wait for Gosling to play the dad in Lovely Bones...Even if he is a bit young, I think he will do a wonderful job!