Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too Hot For Hotties

The last two days have been so humid in Manhattan that I've honestly felt like I was about to vomit a few times. This whining is sponsored by a 40 minute subway ride without airconditioning on either train whilst wearing a suit (the horror!) during my commute yesterday. The train ride waking nightmare was chased by a sleeping one as the bedroom air conditioner broke down during the night and no repairmen will be coming until tomorrow.

For today's "Hump Day Hottie" I was going to select birthday boy Yul Brynner (left) since I've been loving the bald this week, must be the heat. Hair be so difficult in the heat... It's the 87th anniversary of the birth of the only bald sex symbol prior to Bruce Willis (and maybe Vin Diesel if you're being generous and it's 6 years ago. And FYI: I don't count Sean Connery for partial hair reasons)

But then I thought: The King and I... Deborah Kerr... God! people are going to think this is a Deborah Kerr blog if they're dropping in for the first time today. I'm all for retro but that's way too niche. So I decided against it.

Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

And then I thought of Anne Hathaway because of that Harper's Bazaar cover where she's enswathed in weird metallic fabric (to your right) which might be a perfect look for the summer of alien robots. But I don't want Anne to transform into anything other than a great actress. I'm surprising myself lately by being so into her. I didn't even like Becoming Jane but I still go a little catatonic every time I see her on account of the pretty.

The pretty pretty pretty.

Then I decided against Ms. Hathaway because the pose reminded me of a picture of Michelle Pfeiffer that I've always really loved where her hands are on her chest and her eyes are cast down...

And then my brain started wandering and wouldn't stop in its heated delirium. Soon every picture I saw on the internet started to look the same.

all these poses such beautiful poses __makes any boy feel as pretty as princes

It's so hot that my thoughts are actually melting. Too hot for hotties. None for you.


sunny said...

There is a scene in Anastasia in which Brenner, as General Sergei Pavlovich Bounine, walks across the hotel suite toward Anastasia's room, his intent clear before he changes his mind. The barely controlled passion, the feline grace, the tightly coiled virility telegraphed in that magnificent and regrettably aborted mission sends me into a swoon every time. If he had ever had occasion to walk that way toward me, I get the distint impression he would not have let me down in the least.

John T said...

A picture of Chris Evans should be required for all hottie posts. :)

adam k. said...

Patrick Stewart is arguably a sex symbol. I know you're not a Trek person, but many people are, and DO think of him that way.

But yeah, other than that, it's just Bruce Willis, and even he doesn't really count, cause he started off with hair, and would likely not have become famous without it.

adam k. said...

Well, unless you count black men, who just always look better bald and whites do, in which case Michael Jordan and some others come into play.

Except WHOA I just references SPORTS on the Film Experience. I feel like that's a no-no.