Saturday, July 21, 2007

Links, Episode #317

Thompson on Hollywood has notes on the transfer of Stardust to the screen and whether audiences will be charmed
Just Jared Tom Cruise and Colonel von Stauffenberg (his new role)
Cinematical stars of Grease and Grease 2: where are they now?
Kenneth in the (212) Matt Damon in GQ
The Gilded Moose "a message from zac efron's pancake makeup"
After Elton Whatever happened to queer cinema? A worthy question
The Mixed Up Files of... sees Badlands for the first time and conveys her personal reaction
Fat Wonder Woman 'nothing but a huge heiffer' this is truly niche but the drawings are great

I'll leave you with the following batch of pics. First is Tony Stark testing his Iron Man gear which Screen Rant was pretty excited about. Then we have new posters for Darjeeling Limited and No Country For Old Men plus Tom Cruise in Valkyrie, Bryan Singer's next project.

When I woke up this morning all four of these photos were on virtually every blog known to man and rather than my usual contrarianism I suddenly felt vulnerable and wanted to fit in. So here they are... maybe someone will eat lunch with me in the cafeteria?


J.D. said...

They weren't on my blog, so I guess I'm "radical" and "different" Ooohh!

Glenn Dunks said...

Now the No country poster looks like the version of Saving Private Ryan that had the famous faces in the sky as opposed to just clouds.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I just added you to my blogroll at


Anonymous said... that an eye patch? Why does this remind me of Sky Captain?

J.D. said...

Ooh! Sky Captain with Nazis! Ooh ooh ooh!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting news: Gavin Hood is slated to direct the X-Men spinoff based on Wolverine. Maybe they can ask him to first give us a good third X-Men movie, though.

Meanwhile, Nate - I think queer cinema went the same way as all marginalized cinema. Parts of it got mainstreamed (the least interesting parts, obviously). I'd definitely blame the audience in part - I would love a definite Black/American cinema but who's gonna power it? It took Kasi Lemmons six years to get her third project off the ground (and only her third in ten years). Whatever happened to Darnell Martin? Or Julie Dash? And why can I only think of two Black-American directors (Spike Lee, John Singleton)? And what's preferable: a strong fringe cinema or a wider audience for a more mainstream but still "othered" film?

Beau said...

that tom cruise still is overwhelmingly awful.