Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day Weekend of Rest

Nathaniel: Shhhhh! Let Uma sleep. We owe her that.
Nathaniel: Keep your voice down!
Elle Driver: You don't owe her shit.

Pssst: Daryl Hannah is genius in the Kill Bill movies -- genius I say. But you knew that already. Moving on. I swear I'm moving on.

Next week here at the Experience... who knows? I will try to be like Stella who Got Her Groove Back. I'm even at the beach w/ Susan as you're reading this in an attempt to replenish my depleted Vitamin D stores and creative energies. If a Taye Diggs surrogate shows up I promise to be a true friend and let Susan play the Angela Bassett role.

What are you doing this weekend?
<--- Tour de France watching (I'm rooting for Vinokourov --who really shoulda made my "Alexander list" -- and you?)
reading the new Harry Potter?
Do share in the comments. It's all about the sharing.


Glenn Dunks said...

It's 5.45am on Sunday and I'm about to go to work for 9 hours. FUN!

Also, a lot of people saw Hairspray (nearly as many who saw Chuck and Larry). We have a genuine musical hit on our hands! And without the help of awards, too. Shocking that all it took was John Waters and John Travolta in a female fat suit.

Anonymous said...

They promised I would have it by 7:00 pm tonight. It is now 5:00 pm, and I am getting my mad all dressed up to erupt on schedule in two hours if "Harry" is not at my doorstep by the appointed hour.

Really...I could have knocked out an Oscar contender at the art house if they had only told me it would be this late. Heck, I coulda done two. In our tech-saturated modern era, why can't UPS be scheduled?

Sam Brooks said...

No Harry. And if I had it, I woulda been one of the first in the world to read it. Lame. If anybody at school spoils it tomorrow, I will kill.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Potterdamrung. I spent Saturday morning/early afternoon reading, and now between plays from the D.C. Fringe Festival I'm just sitting back and watching the fandom go crazy!

Middento said...

Indeed, as life is relaxing on Cape Cod this week for me, I had to spend my time doing the trendy Harry Potter thing. You can read here some not-so-spoilerish comments, hee hee. (I kinda wish I had done the big Diagon ALley thing back home in Silver Spring, Maryland, however.)

Anonymous said...

Dang! I spent the weekend trying not to think about the new HP book... or I would have ended up in the store buying a copy! Instead I kept myself busy with the sun, pool and beach, and a little evening out and about (till 4 am!).

Expecting Harry to show up in my mail box any day now... ( to Spain... have to wait a few days) and then I'll disappear for 48h or however long it takes me to finish it off! Hmmm... might make good reading material by the pool... make my neighbours jealous since they'll have to wait till early 2008 for the Spanish translation... ;o)