Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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Here are my favorite pieces from 2007...
Twins: Pink Ladies Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter) and Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) are not the same person

Catwoman 15 years old now, this star turn still resonates
Kissing Volver Pedro's latest is a true lip smacker
Nominationless Stars Oscar Refuses to Love
Third Times the Harm
Eating my feelings of disappointment with Spider-Man 3 (inspired by earlier happier Pan'scake post)
Meryl Streep Another great performance. She's gonna keep giving 'em
From Justin to Kelly... -live blogging a terrible film
Xanadu a movie nobody dared to love
Ubiquity: The Sweet and Sour 17 actors we're seeing a lot of in 2007

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Colin said...

In other news:

Why, Lindsay? WHY?? ;_;

(... I'd had such high hopes.)

J.D. said...

That was from May, I think. That's why she went into rehab, to avoid arrest.