Thursday, July 19, 2007


<--- it's so easy to piss her opf

Things have been a little hard to manage on my end this week on a number of levels (pity party!). Obviously I'd planned more festivies for Pfeiffer Week... more blogging overall. Maybe that postponement of her Inside the Actors Studio episode (now for August) was a sign. Anyway: my apologies faithful readers. Maybe we'll try again when Stardust opens? Talk amongst yourselves, rent a movie, or continue the other conversations below until my time management skills return and other troubles depart.

Posting will be light for a bit but why don't you screen a few of these (especially if you've never seen them) since we'll be discussing them soon: All That Jazz, Sweet Bird of Youth, Darling, and Network. Late summer is usually pretty bland at the movie theaters. Time to check back in with classics while we wait for "prestige season" (and with it the Oscar race!) to kick off.

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The Kettle said...

love Pfeiffer week. Where is Batman Returns?