Monday, July 02, 2007

Legal Lindsay

Today is Lindsay Lohan’s 21st birthday which would mean something if legalities meant anything to law enforcement of the rich and famous. But since nightclub managers can brag about their services to and special tables for underage celebs on national television without fear of liquor licenses being removed or early shutdowns, age truly aint nothing but a number --at least for the followed & photographed set. Nevertheless: take it easy this year Linds, OK?

lotsa Lohan if you click the label


J.D. said...

I really do think (and hope) that her 22nd year she ironically becomes completely clean and on the right path and actually respected again. I miss those days.

RahulB said...

I love her. And she can do no wrong.

Unless, driving drunk with coke in the car - that's kind of wrong.

It's sadder for me to note, that my personal favorites: Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have become such trainwrecks. It breaks my heart.

Patient Zero is Paris Hilton. Stay away, people.

/end rant

Anonymous said...

21 years ago, a woman named Dina thought, "Hey, I have no friends to get drunk with. I think I'll have a baby with the next drunken lose I meet, and that baby will get me into parties where we can snort coke off of eachother." And she did.

RC said...

yea, lohan's birthday could be an mtv mega-success...if only she'd let them in.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how these glitzy clubs were getting away with selling alcohol to these underage celebs without them facing some kind of legal action or something. It's crazy what these people can get away with just b/c they have some money.

This might be the year that Lo-Ho gets it together, but if it's not, I wouldn't be surprised.


yeah the strange thing about it is that it's not technically the underage celebrities breaking the law as it is the nightclubs.

many establishments are shut down due to this offense so it's really weird that nobody ever sues the state for unfair enforcement of the laws. wouldn't they win? when you have managers of glitzy establishments bragging about the same offense on entertainment tonight?

seems obvious that laws are not enforced equally

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lindsay!

I doubt you make it to 22!

adam k. said...

I think this'll be the year Lohan gets it together. Her cancelling her 21t birthday Vegas bash was a very good sign.

As for laws not being enforced equally, DUH, look at Mr. Scooter Libby. Ugh.