Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tell Me That You Link Me

Self Styled Siren Barbara Stanwyck: The Professional's Professional
Awards Daily is high on Charlie Wilson's War. Strangely, despite phrases like 'audiences won't be disappointed', there doesn't seem to be any actual statement that the writer has seen the movie. Has he...or is this just typical Oscar buzz presumptuousness that all awards enthusiasts are guilty of (myself included)?
Cinematical you know how I'm always harping about director Kathryn Bigelow needing to work more? Well, looks like I can shut up for awhile. News surfaces re: her next project: an Iraq drama which will star rising actors Jeremy Renner (Dahmer, 28 Weeks Later) and Anthony Mackie (Half Nelson, Million Dollar Baby)

chuck and larry
IDLRZ thinks I Know Pronounce Your Chuck and Larry is abundantly homophobic and that GLAAD has been bought. Green Cine collects a few other reviews that disagree. One common note even in the positive reviews: it's dumb. The really strange thing is that some of the pro reviews (from gay writers) play like they find the obvious gay jokes (don't drop the soap!) funny. Makes you wonder what the same writes thought of Another Gay Movie's aggressive stereotyping too.

Brieuc75 Apparently Djimon Hounsou (right) will be modelling undies for Calvin Klein next fall --the first actor in ten years to do so it says (if I'm reading the French correctly...or rather if The Boyfriend is)-- a line called "Calvin Klein Steel"
The Gilded Moose
closes up shop. *sniffle*
QueerSighted The History Channel is busy erasing gays from history
Big Screen Little Screen has interesting buzz about the new fall HBO series Tell Me You Love Me starring Jane Alexander (!) as a therapist.
Defamer Fame (still) "not conducive to total happiness" Defamer (still) cracks me up

Low Resolution hands out his personal Emmy nominations. Inhale deeply my friends for tomorrow's real nominations will stink to high heaven by comparison.


Cengiz said...

WOW thats funny that the gay writers are supporting Chuck and Larry but at the same time banning Hairspray.

Intresting...very, very intresting

Anonymous said...

you're reading french correctly ;-)