Sunday, June 22, 2008

BYOB (Bring Yer Own Blurb)

John Maybury (pictured left, director of the upcoming Edge of Love) is mocking me. He's one-upped my "blurb whore" joke, taking it to new extremes. See how he's positioned himself and rock legend Siouxsie Sioux (Y) directly under their own pullquote?! "absolutely sensational"

Clever bastard.

Then news comes that he convinced Keira Knightley to go topless for that new movie. Big deal. This is the same man who got Daniel Craig naked in that bathtub for Love is the Devil (1998), surely one of the great achievements in nineties cinema.

Definitely a clever bastard.

If you haven't seen the trailer to Edge of Love yet, it's been out for awhile and it's here. (Can you tell the summer movies are boring me?)


Catherine said...

Why is Siouxsie there?


I do not know but she was a VIP. maybe she composed something? (not listed on IMDB but ya never know)

Catherine said...

huh. I just googled it, she's on the soundtrack.

adam k. said...

I'm gonna see Edge of Love today in London! At least I'll try to. It's my last day/birthday, so there's a lot on my plate. But it's playing in the cinema down the street, and I really wanna go!

Anonymous said...

she's soooo cute & hot!