Friday, June 13, 2008

June Weddings

___Catherine Haynes and Frank Whitaker were married June 13th, 1944 at the Indian Hill Country Club. Justice of the Peace Jim Lyons officiated.
___The Bride is the daughter of Adam and Tina Haynes of Middlesex County. The bridgeroom is the son of Steve and Mary Whitaker of New Haven.
___The bride was escorted by her parents. She wore a candlelight satin wedding gown. She carried a bouquet of lavender roses. Following a reception at the Club, the couple left for Niagara Falls.
___The bride is currently employed as a stenographer. The groom is a recent graduate of Boston University and employed as a junior sales rep at Magnatech Corp. The couple will be living in Hartford, CT where they plan to raise a family.
Excerpted from the June 14th, 1944 edition of the Hartford Courant, "America's oldest continuously published newspaper"

pssst. thirteen or so years later


Robert said...

What a handsome couple. I predict nothing but smooth sailing for them!

Catherine said...

"Catherine Haynes". Love it!

Anonymous said...

I just love that movie. Must go watch it now :) (Or after work anyway)


Robert --I know! Maybe we should check back in on them 14 years later ...tonight

Ali Arikan said...

Here I go again with the shallowness, but they both look gorgeous, don't they?

Also, have we started making our lists already of our favourite jilted Oscar contenders? Not being derogatory; in fact, I am saying it's never too early.