Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Last Xanadu Post. I Promise.

yeah yeah... I know the TONYs are over. Back to movies. But I was laughing so hard watching these Xanadu awards campaign videos that I thought better late than never. Time to share. Plus the acceptance speech / campaigning humor is 100% translatable for Oscar junkies. There's a whole series of these videos and a storyline to boot but here's über gay episode 6 starring Cheyenne Jackson and guest star Nathan Lane and the 'just being nominated is an honor' finale with an awesome cameo from Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes herself from Sex & The City) and the cast.

Xanadu lost all 4 of its nominated categories. But at least they had fun trying. Too bad no Oscar campaigns ever get as wild as the campaigns for some Broadway efforts... well, apart from maybe Margaret Avery's 'letters to God' for her Color Purple nomination. But that was your whole lifetime ago! Can you imagine how much funner Oscar season would be if the campaigns from the people that know they're going to lose were this tongue-in-cheek? Imagine what yuks Cate Blanchett could have generated with a campy Elizabeth: The Golden Age campaign.


Anonymous said...

Cynthia looks great here! Love her hair, humor and (homo)sexuality!

Anonymous said...

A little sappho and a stylist go a long long ways !

She was the best dressed out of all of the four Sex & The City ladies on the various red carpets.

Good for her!

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

It was my very first Tony Awards last night.

Cheyenne Jackson's thighs are godly.