Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Magic Kingdom Dream Ride: Bullitt Car Chase Scene

I would eagerly stand in a long snaking line under the hot sun for hours and hours for the chance to ride the Bullitt Car Chase Scene ride at the Magic Kingdom.  

It's finally your turn. Your heart beats in anticipation as a roaring rumbling 1968 Dodge Charger R/T screeches to a halt in front of you. An attendant opens the door and you climb into the back seat and strap yourself in. The driver glances in the rear view mirror to acknowledge your presence, but says nothing.  He and his front seat passenger are dressed in dark suits, wearing black leather gloves, their faces silently growling in tune with the engine. Before you know it, your body is slammed back into the seat as The Dodge Charger takes off to tail a Ford Mustang 390 through the streets of San Francisco. 

You know things are going to get wild after the driver fastens his seat belt, so you clutch your seat and say a prayer. The Dodger revs her engine and SCREAMS up the hills and around corners at 100mph. You hold on tightly, looking for fear in the driver's face...there is none. Hubcaps fly as The Charger jets down the hills, flies up in the air and slams the pavement in attempt to lose the Mustang. 

The roar of the engine reverberates through every fiber of your body and you scream with delight as The Charger slides onto a freeway and increases the speed while weaving through on oncoming traffic and narrowly missing a motorcyclist.  You notice the driver glancing in the rear view mirror again, the slightest smug registering across his face.  The Mustang is lost in a haze of dust behind you...or is it?   Suddenly the Mustang is gaining! 

The tough guy in the front seat grabs his shotgun and calmly loads the bullets as The Charger reaches speeds of 120mph.  The Charger and The Mustang slam into each other while the tough guy crawls into the back seat with you and fires shots out the window. Suddenly, The Charger loses control, slams into a gas station and bursts in an explosion of flames.  It's okay though, this is the Magic Kingdom and the flames are just holograms - nothing to worry about.  The Charger backs up and ferries you back to the beginning of the ride.  An attendant opens the door for you and you emerge exhilarated.  You take one last look at that gleaming black Dodge Charger before grabbing some cotton candy and heading over to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.  Medium: painting made from black and white photo taken off TV and then painted over with digital paint.



I always love your artwork.

but i regret to inform that this ride was not available to me! ;)

must have been closed to renovate it to fit your imagination a wee bit better.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)