Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nathaniel is (Almost) Off. Guest Bloggers On.

As announced previously I am heading off to Disney World (my first time!) -- great timing since my computer just collapsed and went away for repairs. This vacation comes courtesy of a couple of my best friends. I can't thank them enough. Most of my inner circle grumbles cheerily about my tendency to stretch my birthday and birthday requests out over the entire month of June but they're acclimated to the longform holiday now, god bless them.

I might send a few mobile greetings your way while I'm gone but I think you'll enjoy the different voices that'll be talking at'cha in my absence. Rather than lean heavily on my regular miracle worker, I've enlisted mostly newbies whose work I love to pitch in a couple of times each. The theme is Magic Kingdom to be interpreted any way these fascinating folks choose:

I'll be back on Wednesday June 12th (hopefully with a repaired iMac in tow) unless some evil villain feeds me a poison apple, pricks my finger or robs me of my voice and steals my man!

It's Disney World... ya never know.


Catherine said...

Have a blast!

June 12th is already a magical date for me (end of my exams / first time I ever get to vote) so this'll make it just that litle bit sweeter.

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage!

and enjoy the magic! ;o)