Saturday, February 21, 2009

2008 FB AWARDS Completed

Whew. So that took even longer than usual. Which is saying a lot. I've been giving out some kind of virtual awards for my favorite movies since I was a wee kid... only they weren't public back when I was only seeing 12-15 movies a year and I thought Karate Kid and Splash ruled! I like to think of my own nominations and medals not so much as a publicity circus / popularity contest like the Oscars but more like a scrapbook of a moviegoing year. [editors note: Pssst. When December 2009 rolls around I plan to have a book of some sort ready for purchase celebrating 10 years of these awards. I hope you'll buy it to support the site.]

Nominations and medals in all 41 categories are up since, well, time is up!

FiLM BiTCH Awards 2008
Page 1: Picture, Director and Screenplays
Page 2: Traditional Acting Categories
Page 3: Visual Technical Categories
Page 4: Aural Technical Categories (and nom' tallies)
Page 5: Extra Acting Categories
Page 6: Heroes, Villains, Divas, more...
Page 7: Best Individual Scenes
Page 8: Even More Scenes (and nom' tallies)

The last categories I added were Action Sequence and Best Individual Scenes in case you missed that as I did it on the sly in the wee hours last night. Rachel Getting Married led the pack with 16 nominations but WALL•E took home the most medals of various colors, 11. Milk and The Wrestler did well for themselves. The Class (France) and Reprise (Norway), my two favorite foreign films of '08 also scored gold. The Dark Knight and Australia were the most honored films that I didn't wholly take to but they sure had great moments.

Nathaniel is a francophile. French films hogged 17 noms / 7 medals

I hope you enjoy the awards and above all I hope you take this in the spirit it was intended. A nomination is a win after all. I enjoy nominating things more than picking wins which always feels so exclusive and which I always wish I could change days later (like the 5th spot in any category after nominations, actually). I always hope the awards inspire amusement, discussion starters and especially rental fodder. These 41 categories of things, people, elements, scenes, stars are what made it all worthwhile for me in 2008. I love the cinema. We fight sometimes but we always kiss and make up in the end.

up next: Indie Spirits live blogging today @ 4:30 PM. Oscar coverage and review over the next few days. Then on to 2009. Wheeeee


gabrieloak said...

You always do a great job. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to take all the results in, but:

Yay for Sally! Male or female, lead or supporting, that was the best performance of the year, no contest.

I am surprised The Reader snatched the Adapted Screenplay medal after you said you were having second thoughts about nominating Winslet (film's strongest aspect) in the Symposium. Can't argue with the winner in this category, though!

Have you dropped the Best Casting category this year?

Anonymous said...

My favorite FBA's category is Best Actress in a Leading Role.

My favorite actress of the year is Melissa Leo for "Frozen River"... so it's nice to see that you liked her performace too.

I am surprised because I thought you would give the gold to Anne Hathaway but that is not important right now because Sally Hawkins delivered a great and unusual peformance in "Happy-Go-Lucky", so I suppose that your choices for gold, silver and bronze are fine. I mean, at least you didn't overrated Kate Winslet (I really don't know what's my problem with that actress).


RahulB said...

I was kind of hoping for Wall-E to get a nom (and win) for Best Kiss...but I'm just being greedy.

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Best Actress in a Limited or Camero Role is also good this year. I loved (I mean, LOVED!) Karina Fernandez in "Happy-Go-Lucky", she's so energetic, strong and funny as the Flamenco teacher, I simply can't forget her.

Anonymous said...

No wins for Love Songs? That was a bit surprising, and a bit jarring. Also, none for The Fall. Sigh.

And as a Slumdog Millionaire fan, I was pleased that it went 3 for 3 walking away with gold, silver, and bronze.

Great job Nat!

Anonymous said...

I predicted the medals beforehand and I got the placing 100% correct for cinematography, adapted screenplay, picture, director, and actor. I should start my own blog where I predict the film bitch awards.

Catherine said...

You're releasing a book? Honestly? Yay! Details?

Agustin said...

love the book idea,
count me in!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we shared so many wins in the main categories. I'm really shocked. I always thought we had extremely different taste (our nominees are quite varied, so I guess we do... haha).

Poppy loves you! So does Randy the Ram! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm floored that Downey Jr. won in supporting - I totally thought Irwin had that locked. It helps that I loathed the half hour I dedicated to Tropic Thunder, though.

Anonymous said...

not getting all the love for Savage Grace.

at all.

Janice said...

A book? Hell yes, count me in for a copy!

J.D. said...

Wow, okay, didn't expect the Savage Grace costume win.

And not even any medals for Love Songs? Even with "Au Parc"?! lol, I'm probably overeacting since I just re-watched it and managed to love it even more. :(


Also, YES, a book. God, only you can get me excited for reading. Ugh.


well unless a book deal magically materialized it would be like a self published compendium with some new *only in book* material. we'll see.

i gotta do something to make a living ;)

Unknown said...

Great job, Nathaniel! You really are an inspiration with all of the work you put into this every year.

My favorite award: the silver medal to the "Define Dancing" scene from "WALL-E." Definitely the pinnacle of Pixar's poetry. (hooray, alliteration!)

Unknown said...

P.S. I'm developing an intense crush on you. How does one reconcile with such feelings? lol

Unknown said...

And I hate to triple post, but...

In your Top Dozen scenes of the year, how could you mention the dishwasher and "l'chaim" scenes in RGM but not film's critical and deeply stirring mother/daughter Hathaway/Winger confrontation/smackdown?

I also think Nixon being backed into a corner during the last interview in "Frost/Nixon" deserves a mention. Those several seconds of complete silence were breathtaking. And what about the truck flip in TDK? Surely better than anything in "Revolutionary Road" or "Nick and Norah."


adam ;)

the truck flip in TDK is mentioned (action scene nomination)

Anonymous said...

altogether I like the results.

I'm a fan of Rachel Getting Married but I think you are bordering obsessed with it. way too many noms for it in my opinion, what with the mentions in cameo actors and actresses and especially line reading. I didn't even remember that one. Would've liked to have seen a mention for Chad Feldheimer or Ray's guilty tears over his mistake.

PS. how hard was it for you to choose between your Best Actor medalists? I thought this was a spectacular year for male actors in both categories.

Andy Scott said...

Sex pot of the year -- sooo deserved.

Unknown said...

Great for WALL-E getting all those awards! But I agree with another poster who said WALL-E and EVE deserved a Best Kiss nomination.

Kurtis O said...

Just stopping by to say I just finished gleefully scrolling through all the categories -- another fun and exciting year at the Film Experience. Cheers, Nathaniel. Enjoy the Oscars. :)

Glenn said...

LOOOVE it. Always do. It just feels so much more interesting.

You scene nominations are particularly good. Especially those for P. Park, Rev Road, Burn After Reading and The Wrestler. I would've chosen the addicts meeting from Rachel if I had to choose something from that film.

And so on and so on... amazing!


I'm glad y'all liked. It's fun to do and I'm glad fun to read. Now if only someone would give me a tv show and we could have whole episodes devoted to each category ;) A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF TFE... "the divas!"

Anonymous said...

hahaha Nathaniel I enjoy your Divas category!!!! EVE!!!! And that Maria Elena's "Gee-nee-us" line will be unforgetable!!! "Say something in Chinese!" hahaha...

I miss in Top Dozen scenes the "Flamenco" scene from Happy-Go-Lucky, that's hilarious!!!