Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Can't Wait #7 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Directed by Edgar Wright
Starring Michael Cera, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Satya Bhabha, Mark Webber, Keiran Culkin, Brandon Routh, Ellen Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Synopsis Scott Pilgrim has to defeat Ramona V Flower's seven evil ex-boyfriends to win her heart
Brought to you by Universal
Expected Release Date Unknown... hopefully Fall 2009.

Fox: It's my job to know something about this movie,... but I don't. I'm not a comics guy so I didn't even know this film was based on a comic book series until I looked it up on Wiki. "So then why did you slot it # 2 on your personal Top 20 you f**king dipsh*t?!? GAWWWD you suck!!!" Well, that's a very good question, Anonymous commenter # 3, and the answer is simply: 1.) Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) is directing, and 2.) I like the cast. 3.) Also, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (aka the cute cheerleader from Death Proof) is in it. I suppose the source material is what has a lot of people jazzed about this film, but it makes no difference to me. I'll gladly go into the theater blind, green, and naked for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

JA: I've spread myself too thin, interests-wise, to really call myself a "comics guy," but I have read about half of the Scott Pilgrim series so far and they are really delightful, and the casting on them has been so amazingly right, so perfect, and so exciting, and Edger Wright directing them seems just as perfect right and exciting, well... all these things look ace on paper. I I can't magine what could go wrong! (knock on wood) And Nick & Norah, which I loved loved loved, proved to me that I haven't gotten tired of Michael Cera's schtick yet, which is good because Scott Pilgrim is EXACTLY the same character. Hipster dweeb in a hipster dweeb band, hipster girl problems, et cetera et cetera.

Nathaniel: I'm not sure when "hipster" became a bad word exactly but wouldn't we prefer hipsters to the alternative?

As far as the perils of adaptation go... I know people like to believe that the mediums of comics and film are more similar than dissimilar -- you can actually view comics as storyboards. And storyboards are only, what, tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of collaborators away from the moving image itself? Presto! I'm being snarky but my point is that it's a tricky transferring act. But I love the concept and think it's a a real opportunity for a movie. Bryan Lee O' Malley's pictures fill me with delight. I was stopped dead in my tracks at a Scott Pilgrim table at Comic Con. I'm in.

JA: Here's Mary Elizabeth Winstead as "Ramona" --->

Fox: What an adorable tease of a photo.

Joe: I only know about this movie what JA tells me, but what he tells me, so far, I'm really liking. Despite the fact that, while I've seen Mary Elizabeth Winstead in several movies, I could not pick her out of a police lineup. That photo is not helping.

Nathaniel: So, what about you out there... you're too quiet. Have you read any volumes of Scott Pilgrim's adventures? Any strong feelings about this up and coming cast (or in Cera & Evans case ... already arrived) cast? Or does JA's "hipster" dropping leave you scrambling for the exit?

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Krauthammer said...

OK, so this is definitely coming out then? I've been looking forward to it almost entirely because of Wright's involvement, but I haven't been hearing that much about it and wasn't sure if it was actually all coming together. If so, I'm really looking forward to it.

Dame James said...

ANNA KENDRICK! I had no idea she was in this movie until this very moment! That bit of news just made Scott Pilgrim go from "Yay" to "Oh my God, I need to see this on opening day!" in my book.

Anonymous said...

definitely, who makes this list?

this is awful.


par3182 said...

not even on dvd

Fox said...


I know what you mean... It seems like Edgar Wright has been juggling 2 or 3 projects around with each one replacing the other as "in-production", but this one seems to be a steady go.

p.s. Personally, I'm excited to see what he will do with Jon Ronson's book Them. That will actually be a movie based on a book that I HAVE read. (I barely read any fiction.)

Fox said...


This list is made by five professional, certified expert, highly-paid bloggers, so you can't really shake it no matter how much it doesn't agree with you.

Point blank: These ARE the 20 most anticipated movies of 2009, and if you don't like them, well,... you could maybe wait until 2010??? Could be a long year for ya.

I like your name, though.

Anonymous said...

Definitely interested to see Kieran Culkin back, has it been six years? Chris Evans is a guilty pleasure as well :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely interested to see Kieran Culkin back, has it been six years? Chris Evans is a guilty pleasure as well :)

jahs34 said...

What exactly is a Hipster problem? Not fitting into the skinny jeans? not finding the black shirt? a scratch in The Strokes cd?

Keelay! said...

I'll definitely be seeing it. I've never read the comics, but it sounds very interesting. Also, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is beautiful, so that doesn't hurt.


jahs34 i think there's definitely multiple problems about the hair. not being the right degree of messy. too long since the last dye. too far ahead of the curve to be recognized as not behind it!

Walter L. Hollmann said...

When Drew Barrymore breaks up with me after our two-year romance, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is next on the list. Unless Meryl decides to have a fling on the side, and I happen to be in the vicinity. Barring that, though, ME for me.

James Hansen said...

Huh? This? Above Malick? Seriously?


ME for me Walter? Sounds kinky!