Monday, February 16, 2009

We Can't Wait #1 Inglourious Basterds

Nathaniel: I'm repurposing the teaser post regarding Tarantino's next film as our final "we can't wait" entry. I did think it odd that there was so little excitement about this teaser. Remember the mass love / pins and needles rapt attention that greeted the famous "4th Film from Quentin Tarantino" trailer for "Kill Bill"? Before we knew it was only Volume 1 that is.

I'm not sure if this one is for me... the tone of this trailer? But it was very high on my list prior to seeing this, because I can't miss a QT.

The 'WE CAN'T WAIT' wrap

Inglourious Basterds
Directed by QT
Starring BP, DK, DB, ER, TS, MM and SL.J,
Synopsis a band of Jewish-American soldiers spread fear through the Nazi ranks with brutal scalpings. Are there other kinds? A movie theater plays an important role in their plans. Ooh, meta!
Brought to you by Universal and Weinstein Co
Expected Release Date Aug 21st but don't hold your breath. Release dates are always subject to change even in the best circumstances. When it comes to the subject of release dates the Weinsteins could never be considered "the best circumstances"

The tiny slice of footage we've seen of this makes it look more like an awkwardly badass action comedy than a WW II drama but it's always a little foolish to try to assume we know exactly what Quentin Tarantino will serve up. One can only be safe in assuming that the movie will be very very very good. I mean, when haven't they been? Pssst, I'm ignoring Death Proof on purpose because if I pretend it didn't happen he's four for four or five for five (depending on how many fingers you use for killing bill).

JA: Nathaniel, never did I think I'd have to threaten a ring-removal towards you, but if you don't step off Death Proof a vengeance will rain down. QT is 7 for 7, my man, and your math could only be comprehended by crazy people.

So that outta the way, the only thing that gives me pause here is the swiftness with which Basterds (ack that e) has been brought unto us. Or yes, is supposed to be brought unto us, in case there's a release date switcheroo. But that seemed more likely to me prior to this week when suddenly lo and behold we have actual real footage proving this movie has actually been shot. Anyway my point is Quentin's always so damned slow in spilling out his masterpieces that the quickness with which this one is being delivered is the only thing giving me pause.

And yes, I realize I sound like an unrepentant, on bended knee, QT fanboy, and that is because it is wholly true. That is what I am. I will follow this crazy man anywhere and love every f-bomb arterial-sprayed laced second of it.

Whitney: As a person, Tarantino bugs the shit out of me. As a filmmaker, I've really liked what he's done with pastiche. I hope this is as far from a WWII drama as it can possibly be.

While still being a WWII drama?

Joe: I'm on pins and needles for this one, and because it's Tarantino, I don't even know what I'm on pins and needles for. It's rare that I have that much trust in a director, and it's weird that I'd place my faith in such clearly unbalanced hands, but he's never let me down once (I'm firmly in the "Death Proof was awesome" camp), and I can only imagine what he's going to produce with that cast, that subject matter, and that rogue "e."

Nathaniel: If only Brad Pitt would learn to spell!

Whew. That "We Can't Wait" series was endless. For those of you who are trying to break the anticipation/disappointment cycle of modern movie culture, it's safe to come back out now! Perhaps in the future I should make like the Academy and the guilds and pretend that only 6 or 7 films are released each year. Twenty Too Many. WahWah.

A big thank you to Joe @ Low Resolution, Fox @ Tractor Facts, Whitney @ Dear Jesus and JA @ My New Plaid Pants for chatting with me about 2009. Now, let's wrap up 2008 with Oscar and FiLM BiTCH Medals. All this week.

In case you missed any entries they went like so...
We Can't Wait:
#1 Inglourious Basterds, #2 Where the Wild Things Are, #3 Fantastic Mr. Fox,
#4 Avatar, #5 Bright Star, #6 Shutter Island, #7 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
#8 Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, #9 Nailed,
#10 Taking Woodstock,
#11 Watchmen, #12 The Hurt Locker, #13 The Road, #14 The Tree of Life
#15 Away We Go, #16 500 Days of Summer, #17 Drag Me To Hell,
#18 Whatever Works, #19 Broken Embraces, #20 Nine (the musical)
intro (orphans -didn't make group list)



Anonymous said...

Looks KICK ASS!!!

And speaking of kick ass, Nathaniel, can we get a Dollhouse review? Personally, I thought it was great, but I worry about how storylines can progress when a portion of the main cast take on different roles each week.

Tim said...

Something is definitely weird about the tone of that trailer - the Hitler cameo at the end, especially - but the one thing I am now certain of is that Brad Pitt is having an insane amount of fun.

And when Brad Pitt has fun onscreen, the universe wins.

Pablete said...

What a way to put in words! How right you are, Tim! He is mastering different American accents as well. said...

i was really looking forward to this, but the teaser has me a little worried. i found a strain of sadism in Death Proof that really bothered me - i felt the violence in dogs, fiction, and kill bill was tempered with a sense of moral code/weight, that made it more than just bloodlust. basterds looks like it may use nazi villains as an excuse to really bring that growing brand of tarantino sadism out full steam. isn't the whole monstrous aspect of the nazis that they de-humanized a 'group' of other human beings to the point where they were able to commit such atrocities? isn't this doing the same thing from the other side? don't we need to move on, as a culture, from de-humanizing violence of any kind - against anyone, or will we always need to cheer people being dismemebered on screen? (in light of taken, and friday 13th's success, i guess not). i just hope and trust there will be some ethical complexity to this that for now seems lacking in the teaser's promise of what the movie holds. i have no doubt it will be great film-making. i just want it to be more than a killing spree.

and re: the list - no love for 'The Green Zone'? 'Public Enemies'? 'Men Who Stare at Goats'? 'Up'? 'Ondine'?

nevertheless - fantastic stuff. i'm sad it's over - wish it was 'we can't wait top 50'. maybe next year?

Fox said...

I saw the trailer yesterday and thought it looked just awful. I mean, forget the fact that I absolutely hate Eli Roth, there seems to be a certain stain of unapologetic cruelty in that trailer that disturbs me.

I agree with what Daniel says in the above comment, the trailer seems to be promoting "fight fascism with fascism".

NicksFlickPicks said...

The series wasn't "endless" at all! Really enjoyed it, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the top 20 countdown (to all the contributers).

It's a really exciting list, as usual, and there are a couple I had no idea were either going to make your list or even come out at all (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Nailed). I'll certainly be taking a closer look at all these films now.

By the way was surprised that neither Harry Potter or The Lovely Bones made your list (they were both in 2008's most wanted), were they someone's orphans or has the collective just gone off them?

Alex Constantin said...

oh, this is #1?! :/
it wouldn't make my top 10. I think I'd have Cheri or Amelia above this.

AND WHERE IS THE LOVELY BONES??? Isn't Peter Jackson one of the best directors of our times?! Did they move it to 2010 and I didn't find out???


daniel -- if i had seen the teaser before we drafted our lists it would not have been so high. I worry about the sadism too. There's a sick kick to the look on eli roth's face in the trailer that just makes me think of the kind of film i'm not into even though it strikes me as 'would be thrilling' if i was.

as for a top 50 next year. Are you trying to kill us?

nick thank u!

bjt & alex the group was different this year so different tastes. Also I didn't put either on my list because i didn't want to repeat last year's list for holdovers. Plus, i know it's not just me. I REALLY worry about the last few Harry Potter films because the books have tons of filler that isn't very cinematic and yet they still felt the need to expand two films into three.

here is last year's LOVELY BONES entry

i'm not thinking they're going to be that good personally.

My top 10 for those who are curious was as follows:

5. INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (before teaser. now i worry)

but... and this is TOTALLY my fault. The chart of 150+ movies I sent out to choose from did not include THE COUNTESS and I suspect that would have made the collective top 20 had i not made that error since it has horror elements that would appeal to JA and vampiric elements that would appeal to me and also the basic fine actors, interesting topic that might appeal to everyone.


for me if i was redoing my top five would be Nine, Bright Star, Cheri, Avatar and The Countess.

I'm not sure why i am not anticipating BROKEN EMBRACES a little bit more but sometimes what you anticipate and what you love are different. For example, the past two PIXAR movies have been in my top ten of the year and yet I rarely truly anticipate Pixar movies. As soon as they're out i'm interested but before then I'm kinda blase about them. I'm probably just more actor focused in terms of future interest.

Jason Adams said...

The Countess totally would've made my list somewhere.

As for the Basters trailer, I also found it a little bit underwhelming but for different reasons. Because lord knows it's not the sadism that bothers me - sadism is one of my favorite things on-screen! So that aspect is not bothering me. What is bothering me is Brad Pitt. I'm not sold on what he's doing here. The accent is a little annoying (Nat-zees) and I still wonder if he's not too big a STAR for Tarantino. I'm finding him distracting.

Eli Roth with the baseball bat, on the other hand, I am finding sexy as hell. Don't look at me like that.

Anonymous said...

So not excited about this film (Basterds) and so puzzled about the seeming lack of anticipation for Public Enemies (starring AMPAS' bastards).

Anonymous said...

Inglorious looks atrocious. The teaser was just awful. And er.. I guess Brad was supposed to be corny, but it just sounded awful.

Cinesnatch said...

... just ... can't ... get .... excited ... about ... movie ... year ... 2009. I. Wish. I. Could. I. Really. Do.

(a tear falls)

Is there something wrong with me? The only thing that mildly sends my heart a flutter is a Scorsese thriller with a female villian.


Paul... i can't speak for my colleagues but i'm never big on gangster movies (though obviously there are some good ones) but yeah, good cast.

vince -- you'll get there. it'll just take a couple of months

Neb said...

Has anyone else noticed that this will be the second time that Brad Pitt has scalped Germans after "Legends of the Fall."

Seriously, look it up and try not to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Here would be my list (in alphabetical order.. * denotes my top 5).. it's over 20 though. :) I'm super excited about this year.

500 Days of Summer
Bright Star
Broken Embraces
The Brother's Bloom
Coco avant Chanel*
Coraline - 8/10.
The Edge of Love
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Last Night
The Last Station
The Lovely Bones
Public Enemies*
Sherlock Holmes*
Shutter Island
Sunshine Cleaning
Terminator Salvation
The Time Traveler's Wife
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Tree of Life
The Young Victoria*

-DJ said...

nathaniel - any reason none of you are excited about 'the green zone'?


daniel... none of that i know of in particular though i myself am not huge on Greengrass. he's certainly talented but not a personal fav.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know any information on Blood Meridian's adaptation directed by Todd Field?
IMDB says 2009 but has no cast listed. This would easily be my number 1 since I would trust Field with the material but I don't know if it will arive this year.

Fox said...


I'm looking at you like that!!


Can't stand Greengrass, so not anticipationg Green Zone.

Anonymous said...

All past and future posts in this blog are irrelevant due to the overwhelming praise for "Death Proof".


anon 4:14 so harsh. especially considering i hate death proof and I run this blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Anyone not excited for 2009, should check out the list of films that will potentially screen at Cannes. Not that all of them will get released this year, but it's really an embarrassment of first-rate directors. Some made this list, but I'm especially excited about the new ones from Ken Loach, Neil Jordan, Steven Soderbergh (x2),Todd Solondz, Jim Jarmusch, Michael Hanke, and LARS VON TRIER!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't make out my annual cinematic shopping list without seeing "We Can't Wait" first. Thanks, Folks!

Maybe I am one of the anesthetized masses for whom on-screen violence is not generally a problem, but I do not have an issue with the "Basterds" trailer. If the idea was to tease with two minutes of (mostly) staring at Brad Pitt, then this trailer will likely sell a few tickets that the QT name would not. Nathaniel, I do not think they are gold-tinting or back-lighting Mr. Jolie. So no Cinematography nomination, right?

A bit surprised that "Within the Whirlwind" doesn't show in the list, unless it is delayed a bit. I cannot imagine Emily Watson at less than a top ten placement if we have the "Actress Psychic" contest this year. A biopic with a brilliant actress in a role that screams "bait." And there are other actressexuals on the WCW selection committee, are there not?

I also agree with an earlier post that has the new Miyazaki film "Ponyo on a Cliff" as a great choice. I know I burn with eager longing for his next work, and figure it has as good a shot in the "Best Animated" ghetto as anything else.

One more question (be honest, now) - would "Coraline" have made your list(s) if it had come out after you were done?

Brian Darr said...

You sent out a chart? Not just a list of 150 titles (which would be monumental enough!) Do you ever get to sleep, Nathaniel? This was a fun series as usual.

John T said...

I am SO much more excited about 2009 than 2008. Almodovar, Campion, Jackson, Scorsese, Tarantino, Miyazaki, Malick, Jonze, Cameron, and Lee all making movies? I'm ecstatic!!!

Michael B. said...

I am just pleased that Public Enemies isn't on your list.

I saw the movie last Thursday and that was when you were at #12 (or so) on this list. Everyday I would check to see if PE was mentioned but when it wasn't I was really disappointed because I thought it was going to end up in the Top 5 and I almost died when I didn't know if it was gonna be your #1.

gabrieloak said...

I can wait.

Anonymous said...

Carl: I think there are too many potentially baity biopic roles this year (Swank as Earhart, Delpy as Bathory, Tautou as Chanel, Blunt as Victoria, Weisz as Hypatia) to be that confident about Watson's chances just yet. Then again, I admit I only learned about the existence of Within the Whirlwind from your comment now.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, kudos for another great edition of WCW, although this year I liked it more for the commentary (as super-entertaining as always) than for the choices themselves, which I thought were on the whole more interesting in the combined individual lists of "orphans". :)

My current top twenty looks more or less like this:

500 Days of Summer
Alice in Wonderland (2010)
The Countess
An Education
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
King Lear (2010)
The Lovely Bones
Micmacs à tire-larigot
Public Enemies
The Road
Ved verdens ende
World's End (2010)