Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tonight's Big Show / Coming Attractions

2008 officially ends tonight (film year not the calendar year) at the stroke of whatever when the last Oscar is handed out. They're claiming 11:00 EST but then... don't they always? I'm not doing the traditional style live blogging but never fear -- I will toss a few posts up throughout the night if you're hanging around these parts. The End of '08 (so ominous!) does not mean that things stop around here. Don't be a fair weather reader. We'll have a day or three of post-Oscar roundups and perhaps a wrap up podcast but The Film Experience is 24/7 movie madness so don't check out due to awards fatigue. "There's more to life than the Oscars", he said sacrilegiously.

Coming in 2009
I have no idea! Quite a selling point, eh? I don't want to over promise or box myself in, but it will include: more actress interviews, the TFE time travelling brew of old films (retrospectives, musical of month, personal canon) and new movies (definitely more DVD coverage / film reviews -- I've been remiss), reports from Tribeca, Nashville and NYC film festivals, a new 'Best Actress Psychic' contest, an experiment with "theme weeks"... maybe a vodcast? Perhaps world domination? We'll see. Ideas brewing. Later this year the 'Best of the Year Decade' countdowns begin. Eeek!


Anonymous said...

After 2009, will you crown your winners for this decade? I'm looking forward to high placings for Far From Heaven and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Anonymous said...

marissa tomei! heart her.

Anonymous said...

When will the Actress Psychic contest take place?